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Sublime Beauty Hyaluronic Serum Review

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Dry Skin, Dull Skin, Fine Lines, Sensitive Skin
Sublime Beauty Hyaluronic Serum
February 8, 2017 Reviewed by TIA Community Member 0 Comments
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This cost-effective serum boosts moisture levels and cushions collagen for a more youthful appearance


Hydrates, plumps and smooths lines


Contains undesirable preservatives

By Bonnie G.

I was thrilled to have the opportunity to review Sublime Beauty Hyaluronic Serum ($36) for the Truth In Aging Community. The TIA website explains that hyaluronic acid (HA) is a natural lubricating substance that, along with other things, our bodies slowly stop producing as we age. At 53 years old, I can relate to this. My skin has become sensitive with more dry spots. HA has water-binding and water-attracting attributes that fill up the spaces between the connective fibers of collagen and elastin in the dermis.  The skin’s dermis layer is made up of about 70 percent water and claims nearly 50 percent of the body’s total HA allotment. 

The directions on the bottle state to apply after cleansing, so that is what I did. This was the first layer of product I used after cleansing, both in the morning and evening. In the morning, I then layered on my vitamin C serum and eye cream; at night, I applied my overnight balm afterward.

The brand claims that this product cushions and plumps the skin. I agree. I applied the Hyaluronic Serum rather generously — two to three pumps — over my entire face, but particularly focused on forehead lines, the vertical line between my eyes and marionette lines. I’m very pleased with the results. I instantly felt a tightening in my forehead and that taut feeling has lasted. The marionette lines are still there, but they are much less pronounced. After the first three days, I had a facial and the esthetician noticed improvement in my forehead lines. She highly recommends the use of hyaluronic in a skin care routine.    

The key ingredient is sodium hyaluronate, a sodium salt of HA with a smaller molecular size, making it easier to penetrate the skin. It also contains hydrating panthenol (a provitamin of B5), antioxidants like beta-carotene (which is converted by the body to vitamin A), anti-inflammatory ginseng and regenerating allantoin. I admit, however, some of the preservatives disturb me, including propylene glycol which is also used in e-cigarettes.

After 30+ days of use, I feel and see a difference in my skin with each application. My face feels comfortably moisturized, plump and smooth. The bottle is not empty yet and there are no issues with the pump. This serum is very cost-effective, and I’m placing an order immediately. I am very pleased with the results and do not want to see those forehead lines come back. This product works!

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