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Suki Brightening Complexion Cream

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April 26, 2008 Reviewed by Marta 0 Comments

I am running an anti-age spot bake-off. Since I have an ample supply of enlarged freckles (ok, age spots, sun spots, whatever), I am trying several different solutions to see which is most effective: these include Skin Biology's Lac Sal Serum and Somme Serum. I have now added Suki Complexion Brightening Cream.

Suki's ingredients are entirely natural and mostly botanical. However, I was intrigued to find it also boasts a high tech time-released vitamin C. This along with green and white tea provide a good shot of anti-oxidants. Even more intriguingly, there is i-carnitine. This is an amino acid that is found in muscles. It is often used as an oral supplement by athletes. I am not entirely sure what it does topically, although I  have read somewhere that it increases skin cell metabolism. More research needed.

Anyway, may the best potion win. I'll let you know if I see results over the coming weeks.

Quick aside: Suki sells extremely useful mini, travel versions of its products in a package called Mini Skin Care Set. It includes the aforementioned brightening thing, exfoliating cleanser, a toner, hand and body creams, a face serum, body oil and a moisture-rich cleanser.

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