I don't usually like tinted moisturizers as they seem to be a full of chemicals and ultimately a compromise that doesn't really work. I'm not wild about foundations either, finding that they are too thick and matte and make me look old and dry. Because I rarely give up on a good prejudice, I have decided that suki's tinted active moisturizer isn't a tinted moisturizer at all, but a sheer foundation with things that are good for you.

Sheer is the operative word, at least with the Natural tint that I chose. Suki is no cover up, but my skin looking rather better by being a bit more evened out. And for me, who finds most makeup tantamount to being forced to wear a rubber mask, the greatest pleasure is that it is so featherlight as to not be there. This is makeup for people who don't like makeup.

There are all manner of nice oils, including antioxidant grape seed. But I particularly like the inclusion of borage oil, proven by German scientists to reduce skin redness and wrinkles. Willow bark is useful too as it is often used as a natural (though weaker) alternative to salicylic acid, because it controls sebum production and provides anti-acne properties. Hazelnut oil is a good emollient, while lecithin improves the homeostatasis (the ability to regulate itself) of the skin.

The only thing I don't like is sodium borate. It is extremely toxic. Before people knew better and thought it was OK to clean wounds with something you’d clean the floor with, the unfortunate patients would frequently die. Infants are especially prone to borax poisoning, but thankfully it is no longer used to clean nurseries. Spillage on the skin will cause blisters and red rashes. I imagine Suki has used a miniscule quantity.


Purified water, organic sunflower seed oil, beeswax, organic grape seed oil, organic jojoba seed oil, hazelnut oil, borage oil, cetearyl alcohol, shea butter, standardized willow bark extract, organic food-grade non-gmo lecithin, vitamin c + retinol liposomes, sodium borate, organic rose extract in food-grade ethyl alcohol, organic food-grade acacia catechu gum, organic food-grade xanthan gum, fragrance (made only from pure, steam-distilled essential oils) [may contain: titanium dioxide, iron oxides]