suki intensive nourishing cream with brightening complex 1 oz

Our Rating: 5 stars

Reviewed by Marta on January 12, 2014


In another decade, I got to know – and be impressed by – a skin lightening cream. It really did fade freckles and even had an impact on stubborn age spots. And then I got distracted, moved on, dated other creams. Every now and then, I would fondly remember it and even tried to find it again. But in the interim, my cream had donned a disguise, gone into hiding and developed a phobia about capital letters. Five years later I have been reunited with suki intensive nourishing cream with brightening complex ($60.95), and it might well be one of the best dark spot faders in the business.

Why the world of suki should be lower case, I cannot really say. But with a potion this good, I am prepared to go with the flow. I have been trying suki intensive nourishing cream on the freckles on my nose, an errant one above my right eye and even on the leopard’s spot on my right cheek. They are fading, fading. I want to shout WOW from the rooftops. But I suppose, it’d better stick with wow.

When I look at the ingredients, I am not really sure why suki intensive nourishing cream should work so well. The key seems to a time-released vitamin C (or perhaps I should write vitamin c). Another secret weapon might be symphtutum officinale, or comfrey. This is high in tannic acid, which helps blood to clot and diminishes redness. I haven't used it as such, but this could work for dark under eye circles as well.

Although, I’ve been targeting this cream where I want to fade dark spots, it works as an overall moisturizer as well.  It is very kind to my sensitive skin and this is a useful product if you are prone to breakout or, in my case, want to close open pores.

Useful anti-aging ingredients include rice germ, collagen extract from yeast, green tea and rose hip - an unsung ingredient in my view - that is high in (fatty) linoleic and linolenic acids as well as vitamin C, all of which are essential for the health of the hair and skin.

I am so convinced that I am making progress with suki intensive nourishing cream’s freckle-fading abilities that I was sure to travel it with it over the holidays. Having said that, I should point out that I have low expectations when it comes to dark spot treatments. Fading sun damage is one of the hardest things for a topical treatment that doesn’t resort to bleach. But if you are patient and have been scouting for a moisturizer that evens skin tone, check this out. Just remember to give your feedback in lower case.