suki transformative cleansing clay 1 oz

Our Rating: 4 stars

Reviewed by Hazel on December 18, 2013


I was a bit intrigued when I received suki transformative cleansing clay ($48.95 in the shop). I was expecting a facial wash type of packaging since it's a cleansing clay, but this was packaged like a sort of treatment. Then I read the label: it's a multitasking cleansing clay which doubles as a mask and overnight treatment for pimples and acne. 

The suki transformative cleansing clay is a vegan product, specially formulated for combination, oily and irritated skins to calm, soothe and treat redness, blemishes and other irritations for clear, smooth skin. It has white willow salicins, clay, and essential oils of lavender, calendula, witch hazel and seaweed, among others, and you can use it as a cleanser, a facial mask, or as a spot treatment. 

I have fairly combination to normal skin right now. My skin is a bit prone to dryness, but I still get occasional blemishes. Sometimes I get redness or hypersensitivity on my cheeks as well. I used this product for 4 weeks, mostly as a facial mask or spot treatment. 

What I like about suki transformative cleansing clay is that it's so potent. I used this when I had bad breakouts as a spot treatment. The blemishes just disappeared in a matter of days, leaving no dark marks or ugly spots behind. It also works great for body acne. I get blemishes on my chest and I apply this as a mask/spot treatment. It's super effective; the blemishes heal quickly! I also used it as a mask whenever I had redness or hypersensitivity and it went away overnight. However, the product can be quite drying when used as mask or cleanser. 

Suki transformative cleansing clay is a total skin saver for me. I highly recommend it for those with oily and combination skin, or for those who have occasional breakouts on the face and body. It's an excellent product and it works for me!