It is a month since I last posted on Super Cop 2X by Skin Biology. This copper peptide based serum is potent stuff and can easily cause irritation, so I've been building up usage slowly. For the first four weeks nothing happened; I've been trying it out on a very small groove near my mouth.

Another month in, however, and I am seeing results. Super Cop 2X is supposed to have significant impact on scars (such as acne pits) and deep wrinkles. I am now beginning to see my little groove fill in. This is a product that takes a few months to work and so I shall continue to persevere.

A couple of caveats. It doesn't absorb easily; applying it to slightly damp skin helps. And although, the scar is filling in, there is a noticeable slackness in the surrounding skin. This is not uncommon according to the (very lively) commentators on the Skin Biology website and the best response is to give the skin a rest from the product for a couple of days.

I shall report back in mid-February.