I have been intrigued by copper peptides for some time and recent research suggests that they could be underrated yet highly effective in diminishing wrinkles. Reports go so far as to claim that copper peptides not only halt the aging process, but can actually reverse it. The science behind these claims is somewhat more convincing than for most anti-aging creams, as I wrote in earlier post.

Nonetheless, there is really only one way to find out.

A month ago, I started using Skin Biology's Super Cop 2X. Skin Biology is the company set up by Dr Lionel Pickart to produce products based on his copper peptide patents. It is primarily aimed at reducing scars or acne pits. So I thought I would try it on a tiny groove I have at my outer lip. Instructions advise starting slowly and gradually building up applications over a week or so. Having started with two applications a week, I am now up to every other day (at most).

Dr Pikart cautions that results will appear only after several months. Furthermore, I am generally suspicious of products that produce an immediate effect; usually it is little more than superficial or the result of chemicals that may ultimately do more damage than good.

Having said all that, I am more than a mite disappointed that so far there has been no discernible difference. I'll report back in another few weeks.