Super Natural Lips is a brand that is new to me that carries lipstick it deems to be – you guessed it – super natural. According to the website, these lipsticks are cruelty free, gluten free, nut free, vegan, and 60% organic. Now, I’m all for natural and organic beauty products, as long as they’re effective. The key word here is effective –unfortunately these lipsticks are not up to my standards.

The shade I tested was Ravishing, “the ultimate beet red.” It looks extremely dark purple in the tube, but sheers out on the lips to reveal a deep burgundy. Upon application, it is a little stiff but still applies fairly smoothly. It feels different than any other lipstick I’ve tried; the rubbery texture and smell reminded me most of a fruit leather. In fact, it smells exactly like the filling of a Fig Newton. This unfortunately made me nauseated, especially with the product being so close to my nose, but Fig Newton fans might appreciate it. There is no discernible taste.

However, a major issue arises within 10 minutes of wear – the product starts settling into lip lines… a lot. It didn’t just feather outside of my lips, but sunk deep into the creases on my lips. My lips ended up looking patchy and cracked due to the contrast of the deep red against my natural lip color. Filling in your lips completely with a lip liner pencil may prevent this from happening, but I believe that good quality lipsticks today shouldn’t require lip liner – even dark colors like this. I also dislike using lip liners because I find most of them to be drying.

One last thing worth mentioning: the price. Just one of these lipsticks costs $35! My mouth literally dropped when I read this – with a price comparable to luxury brands, I would expect a lot more in terms of performance (and packaging) from this product. In short, I would not recommend this lipstick. There are other natural lip products out there you can snag for half the price of a Super Natural lipstick.

Ingredients: Organic Castor Oil, Candelilia Wax, Vegan wax jelly, Monoi De Tahiti, Aloe Vera, Organic Avocado Oil, Organic Evening Primrose Oil, Non GMO Canola Oil, Rice Bran Wax, Shea Butter, Organic Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E, Eco-Certified Mineral Shimmer Pigments, Natural Beet Pigment, Natural Red Cabbage Pigment, Natural Caramel Pigment