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SuperMax Multi-Peptide Skin Solution- Reviewed and rejected

Is a Solution for:
Sagging Skin
December 19, 2009 Reviewed by TIA Community Member 0 Comments
Reviewed by Bess

A clever comment about “my face is a chemical waste dump for all the products I fearlessly try” earned me ten 5ml vials of SuperMax Multi-Peptide Skin Solution Serum by Cellular Rx.

In mid-September a large envelope containing my beauty booty arrived, just in time to spruce up my skin, dehydrated from Chicago’s summer heat and humidity.

SuperMax contains no fewer than six peptides led by Botox-in-a-bottle Agireline mixed in with seaweed extract for firming and hydration and hyaluronic acid for slip and hydration. To give it a fair trial, I used only SuperMax for three weeks and then for the next three weeks I the used the serum under my day and nighttime hydrator.

The pros:  It only took one pump of the clear gel to cover my face and I took advantage of a second pump to provide extra coverage around my eyes and mouth.  It has a pleasant texture and I found the product moderately hydrating and modestly firming, with an emphasis on moderate.

The cons:  After several weeks, I actually found the product to be drying.

I’m pretty skeptical about Agireline generally, and am not aware of synergies when coupled with its cousins Tripeptide (is this SYN-COLL?) and Snap-8.  I’m open to the possibility that Agireline and friends may have a visible, cumulative effect over a long period of use, but the jury is out. Way out. Second, and really most important for consumers, is to know if your product contains the optimal concentration of the active ingredient so that you will get the same results that were observed in the clinical trials.

I inquired of Cellular Rx on this matter, and they responded to me in a timely and professional manner as follows:

"We cannot release information on the percentage of each active ingredient in our SuperMax MultiPeptide Skin Solution Serum. It is proprietary information and our head chemist will not release it. It is not so much a problem in the US but once these percentages make their way to the Asian markets, copycat formulas pop up everywhere."

What I can tell you is that we use the percentage used in clinical testing that showed results in all of our products. For instance, when acetyl hexapeptide was tested, 10% concentration was determined to be the most effective so wherever you see this ingredient in our products, you will know it is at least 10%. When Matrixyl was tested, the optimal concentration was found to be 4% so again, that product will be at least 4% whenever it is used in a formula.

I am sorry to disappoint you with the lack of information. I hope you understand. I agree with you that the product is an excellent product* and really does provide sort of a one size fits all experience for our customers who do not like to layer on serums.

I was hoping this product would turn me into a peptide believer, but it didn’t.  Save your money for products with proven efficacy.

* For the record, ‘excellent’ overstates my comment about the product. I wrote to Cellular Rx:  “Nice product – hydrating and firming.”


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