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6 Surprising Body Parts That Age You

Body Parts That Age You
January 14, 2014 Reviewed by admin 6 Comments

Body parts such as your neck, chest, hands, knees, lips, and hair can show telltale signs of aging. We've found the most effective products to treat and rejuvenate your areas of concern.

Neck and Chest

Around 40, many women look down below those fine facial lines and deepening nasolabial folds to discover, typically with no small degree of panic, that their once-taut neck skin is starting to wrinkle and sag (hello, turkey neck) and their gracefully-smooth décolletage area is now starting to mottle, mainly from years of less-than-optimal sun exposure.

First Signs
Osmotics Necollete Age Reversal for Neck & Chest ($75) - Good neck creams are few and far between, yet Osmotics Necollete Age Reversal for Neck & Chest is as luxurious as it is powerful. Made with neck-targeting anti-ager Essenskin, which is mostly calcium and essential amino acids, this active stimulates lumican, a lycoprotein that is important for firming skin.

Moderate Aid
Medik8 Firma Derma ($78) - Medik8 Firma Derma is designed to improve the condition and appearance of sagging skin on the neck and decolletage, as well as improving skin's elasticity and firmness.

Heavy-Duty Help
NeckTruth Vitality Lux Renew ($297 in the shop) - Lux Renew is a 3 Mhz handheld device for use at home. Its ultrasound technology used with red and blue LED light therapy is helpful for crepey skin and can be used to firm other areas such as the arms and thighs.

Décolletage: Arcona Pumpkin Lotion 10% ($35) - A great exfoliating lotion is essential to give our skin the sort of jump-start necessary as it dulls and loosens with age. Arcona Pumpkin Lotion is infused with hard-working pumpkin extracts and 10% glycolic acid to help exfoliate, improve elasticity and brighten skin. 

Hands & Nails

Perhaps the very first sign of aging for many women is their hands. Dry, wrinkly knuckles and brittle nails can be a real embarrassment for some, and a telltale sign of age that may come even before the face starts to wrinkle. A hard-working hand cream and strengtheners for the nails are key to preventing your hands from putting extra years on you.

First Signs
Nature's Beauty Bee Kiwi Hand and Nail Repair Cream ($19.50) - Nature's Beauty Bee Kiwi Hand and Nail Repair Cream is a replenishing, long-lasting hand cream with manuka honey, shea butter and ginseng for improved suppleness.

Moderate Aid
LATHER AHA Hand Creme with Evening Primrose ($18) - This lightweight, non-greasy hand and nail treatment cream is formulated with alpha hydroxy acids to kickstart cell renewal and repair dull, dry hands.

Heavy-Duty Help
Stemulation Rescue Repair Hand and Body Treatment Creme ($96) - Stemulation Rescue Repair Hand and Body Treatment Creme is made for hands, feet, elbows and knees and - make no mistake - every one of these will give your age away. Lactic acid is a key ingredient, along with cyperus rsculentus and milk thistle.

Knees & Elbows

We can be pretty tough on our knees and elbows, and they can pay us back with rough, dry and sagging skin. The skin on these areas is thicker than elsewhere in order to help protect the joints, but exfoliation and moisturizing are the keys to restoring hydrated, healthier looking skin.

First Signs
Bar Method Beginner's Workout DVD ($20) and Mirai Purifying Body Serum ($29) - For thigh sculpting and firming, the Bar Method is hands-down the best routine we have found. Whether you are a beginner or able to take on the more advanced Super Sculpting or Dancer's Body, you’ll find that the Bar Method’s DVDs will change your body. For a quick fix, Mirai Purifying Body Serum helps to minimize and prevent the appearance of wrinkles, age and sun spots, and restores skin's suppleness.

Moderate Aid
Retrospect Feet, Knees & Elbows ($38) - Retrospect Feet, Knees & Elbows is a lightweight, effective lotion formulated with keratin to be used on extremely dry and/or cracked skin.

Heavy-Duty Help
Ultra Renew Sculpt ($129) - Ultra Renew Sculpt is an at-home body renewing device complete with three functions: EMS for slimming and cellulite, ultrasonic for firming and lifting and FAR infrared for detoxifying and plumping the skin.

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Regardless of how thick and lush your hair might once have been, there's a good chance that as peri-menopause set in, a possibly alarming amount of shedding began to occur (even more frightful for those with already-fine locks). Keeping your scalp healthy, with ingredients like copper peptides and botanicals, is key to keeping your hair on your head, not your brush or the shower drain.   

First Signs 
Skin Biology Hair Signals Therapy Solution ($36) - This copper peptide infused treatment is used to stimulate hair growth for those with thinning hair.

Moderate Aid 
ReLuma Shampoo ($65) - ReLuma Shampoo is a simple yet potent formula based on stem cells, which can activate dormant follicles. ReLuma Shampoo reduces hair shedding and may promote hair growth as well. 

Heavy-Duty Help
Hair Vitality Complex ($49) - Hair Vitality Complex is a one of a kind, all natural hair serum wich uses copper peptides and vitamin B5 to stimulate healthy hair growth and reduce shedding. It is designed to help women with thinning hair, especially due to hormonal change at menopause and post-partum (although men can use it too!).

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Our lips can become dry and chapped because they lack the protective layer of sweat and oil that the rest of our body has. Fortunately, there are many effective products to help combat dryness and other signs of aging such as thinning and lip lines. Ingredients like antioxidants and peptides can help restore color, volume and softness.

First Signs 
RMS Beauty Lip & Skin Balm ($25) - RMS Beauty Lip & Skin Balm uses organic, natural ingredients to support natural skin functions for a visibly healthier appearance. Use regularly to heal, protect and hydrate skin while softening fine lines.

Moderate Aid 
Osmotics Micro Peel Resurfacing System ($86) - The Osmotics Micro Peel Resurfacing System is a three-step system designed to work together to resurface skin’s texture, refresh and brighten dull skin, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Heavy-Duty Help
AQ Skin Solutions Active Serum ($149 in the shop) - AQ Active Serum is for the face and neck and contains a concentrated blend (over 40%) of the same growth factor proteins found in healthy, young skin. Antioxidant vitamins stimulate collagen production (essential for firm skin) and GF-technology stimulates skin cells to repair damage that has accumulated over the years, such as sun spots, age spots and wrinkles.

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The hair of our eyebrows grows more sparse as we age, regardless of whether we've spent our youth being a tad enthusiastic with the tweezers. Copper peptides are said to increase follicle cell proliferation while decreasing programmed follicle cell death, leading to fuller and more youthful looking brows.

First Signs
W3LL People Capitalist Mineral Brow Pigment - W3LL People Capitalist Mineral Brow Pigment is a smudge-proof, long-lasting, all natural brow pigment that defines and fills in brows instantly and precisely without using troublesome waxes or oils. 

Moderate Aid 
Brow Vitality Complex ($39 in the shop) - Rescue your brows with our exclusive brow growth treatment. The actives are all-natural copper peptides, which are said to increase follicle cell proliferation while decreasing programmed follicle cell death, and vitamin B. 

Heavy-Duty Help
Chella Ciao Perfect Brows Eyebrow Treatment Kit ($95) - Chella Brow Full-Fillment Eyebrow Treatment has plenty of ingredients that are associated with hair growth and anti-aging such as biotinoyl tripeptide, saw palmetto, amino acids, various algae and a couple of members of the vitamin B family.

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  • January 19, 2014

    by lisa m

    I would love to try this. I'm 44 and I am seeing some parts of me that I want to fix! Sounds phenomenal.

  • January 16, 2014

    by Sophie

    Would love to try the Sculpt! Some of my body parts are starting to show the need for some firming/slimming and I'd like to address this sooner rather than later!

  • January 15, 2014

    by Chelsea

    I'd love to try Ultra Renew Sculpt!

  • January 14, 2014

    by Lisa

    This sounds like the perfect device to use above my knees, where I've had sagging skin for years despite spending hours at gym and running at least 3 miles prior to my workouts. I also have dimpling on the back of my legs. I'm not overweight and I try to eat healthy, but that doesn't seem to help, so I chalked it up to aging! I've been reading so many mixed reviews about this type of technology and it sounds tempting, but I am not at a place where I'd spend a significant amount of money on it unless I knew it would work for me.

  • January 14, 2014

    by Dennis

    As a man, a surprise to me was the aging of my calves. They look old and the skin is crepey. Also, the hair on the back has completely come off. I now notice this in a lot of older men.

  • January 14, 2014

    by SummerStorms

    Hi Marta, I was not aware that those second two products in Lips could be used on your lips? Can they? or are they just for around the outside?

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