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Surprisingly Multitasking Eye Creams: See What Else They Can Do

multitasking eye creams
December 19, 2013 Reviewed by Marta 0 Comments

One of beauty’s urban myths is that eye creams are not really necessary and your regular moisturizer will do. Not so. The skin around the eyes is very thin and can be prone to issues that need specific help, such as milia or dark circles (read more on why it is worth investing in an eye cream or serum). What’s more, a good eye cream can have bonus effects and uses that make the investment all the more worthwhile. To help you make your eye serums go the extra mile, here are some of the eye-opening, “off label” uses I have found work with some of my favorite multitasking eye creams and serums. These winners are for more than just crow's feet and puffy under-eye circles.

Lash-Growing Eye Serum

AQ Eye Serum ($99 in the shop). The eyelid-lifting abilities of AQ Eye Serum are impressive, as are its ability to firm the under-eye area. But the surprise bonus that comes along with this eye serum with human fibroblast conditioned media (this contains growth factors – specifically, TGF-Beta, GM-CSF and PDGF) is longer, darker, stronger lashes. Continued use of the AQ eye serum got me compliments and questions such as “are you wearing mascara right now”? Which, of course, I wasn’t. For those with serious lash-batting ambitions, AQ also has a specific lash growth product, called AQ Lash ($135 in the shop).

Face-and-Neck Lifting Eye Serum

Tilth Beauty Eye Wondrous Serum ($62). I love Dawn’s review of this eye serum – she certainly ensured she got her money’s worth. In her own words: “Not only did my under eye area look better and brighter, but my frown lines had decreased significantly. Yep, that's right. Eye Wondrous does double, even triple duty because you can use it around the mouth, on your "elevens", to firm your neck/under the chin, and really anywhere else on your face that you need a little extra firming and line-fighting power.” Wondrous indeed.

Lip-Line Licking Eye Serum

Your Best Face Correct ($150 in the shop). YBF’s founder and chief formulator gets a real kick out of hearing how his customers and YBF fans find off label uses for his line. Although, there is a dedicated lip product in the line, Define, many of us have found that those pesky lip lines above and below the mouth respond to the eye serum, Your Best Face Correct. This eye serum is great for crepey skin, fine lines and tightening and you’ll be pleased know that ‘on label’ it is good for dark under eye circles. Read the full review here.

Freckle-Fading Eye Cream

Amarte Eyeconic Eye Cream ($80 in the shop). This eye cream from Amarte, a Korean brand, has a 3.8% concentration of retinol. Luckily for my sensitive skin, the retinol has not been an irritant at all. What’s more the errant freckle that is on my brow bone above my right eye has faded. I haven’t tried using Amarte on other hyperpigmentation spots, but hey, why not. With epidermal growth factor, Amarte Eyeconic is an effective anti-aging eye cream to boot. See the full review here.

The "11 Lines" Tightening Eye Gel

Retrospect Flash Firm Eye Gel ($70). Firming in a flash is indeed what this eye gel does. The dispenser has three little metal roller balls and the effect is instantly cooling on tired puffy eyes. The active in Retrospect Flash Firm Eye Gel is keratin, a protein that is a major component in skin, hair, nails and teeth. Here, there is a combination of three types of keratin: oxidized keratins, intact keratin proteins and keratin peptides. On a whim, I slid the roller ball dispenser tip over my 11 lines (those little creases in between the brows) and found it to be cooling and soothing and, after a couple of weeks, noticed that the 11s themselves had faded a teensy bit.  See the full review here.

The Combo Facial Oil-Eye Serum

Sevani Ageless Eyes Revitalizing Eye Serum ($54 in the shop). This serum is oil based and a good solution for those who are milia prone. The oils include evening primrose, an anti-inflammatory, sea buckthorn, which is high in vitamins A and C, pomegranate seed oil, a powerful antioxidant, and argan oil. The effect is an instant dewiness, which you’ll be tempted to extend to the rest of your face. And, indeed, many users do, following the lead of our tester, Kim – read her full review of Sevani Ageless Eyes Revitalizing Eye Serum here.

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