Reviewed by Shannon

Body scrubs are one of my favorite products. I was very excited to try the Sweet Georgia Brown Caramel Brown Sugar Scrub ($26), a natural, vegan product. Upon opening the jar, I was greeted by a wonderful, sweet fragrance that was not overpowering.

The Caramel Brown Sugar Scrub is a true scrub. It feels rough upon application, but quickly rubs into the skin. After rinsing off, it leaves behind soft, smooth skin, with a light, pleasant scent that disappears after about an hour. After 4 weeks of use, I have noticed that my skin has become softer and smoother.

I had very high hopes for this scrub, especially because it claims to be great in pedicures. Due to my former retail job, I have dry and cracked heels from standing all day, and I have calluses from dancing. I was not expecting a total improvement, but I hoped that this scrub would help to improve the appearance of my feet.

The Caramel Brown Sugar Scrub was okay for my feet. Following the directions, I used it once per week, focusing on my heels. The scrub slightly improved my right foot. While it appeared less dry and the cracking did improve, I was expecting more. The strange thing is that my right heel appears to have developed more dry skin on the bottom of my heel. However, my calluses on the balls of both feet did soften and the dry skin in that area went away. I would not suggest using only this scrub if your feet are like mine. I recommend using a pumice stone and moisturizing lotion to help get rid of the dry skin. I did not use these products with the scrub because I did not want them to interfere with the effectiveness of the scrub.

The Sweet Georgia Brown Caramel Brown Sugar Scrub is a great scrub that I recommend. It leaves your skin soft, smooth, and smelling great!


Fresh brown sugar, caramel flavor, cocoa butter, coconut oil, sugar, grape seed oil, cocoa seed butter, jojoba oil, vegetable glycerine, natural food flavor oil, Vitamin E, rosemary leaf extract