sweetsation feet'o'therapy organic foot perfecting treatment

Reviewed by TIA Community Member on May 24, 2014


by Alissa

I have used Sweetsation Feet'o'Therapy Organic Foot Perfecting Treatment ($18) consistently for the past month. I followed the instructions listed on the pump and massaged the product into my feet every morning before putting my socks and shoes on. From the description of the product, "deeply hydrates the soles of your feet, restoring a soft, supple feeling," I expected my feet to be baby soft. However, I have used other products that have made my feet feel much more moisturized.

I’m 32, and I do tend to have drier skin during the winter months. I did enjoy the soothing lavender scent and mostly natural ingredients. When selecting a moisturizer, I generally avoid ones that list water as the first ingredient like this one does. This product dispenses with a pump, and the first pump was typically watery.

I also try to stay away from moisturizers that contain alcohols, as I find them to be drying, not moisturizing. This one had a few in its list of ingredients. I do find shea butter to be very moisturizing. However, this is the seventh ingredient listed. Overall, I would rate this product as average and probably would not purchase in the future. I would not recommend this product to someone looking for a good foot moisturizer.