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Switching products- survey results

Switching products April 2013
April 7, 2013 Reviewed by Truth In Aging Community 2 Comments

A new member of the Discover With Marta program recently emailed Marta to say that while she was excited about the idea of receiving a new batch of anti-aging goodies six times a year, she wanted to know our general thoughts on changing your skincare routine every so often.

“The idea of receiving a variety of different products made me wonder whether sticking with a regimen is a good idea, or if our skin appreciates us switching it up,” she queried.

While this DWM member was personally interested in trying new products, she thought surveying the Truth in Aging community on the products they use could be a great way to gather some anecdotal data that might help answer her question. We couldn’t agree more! The takeaway from our survey (which was sent to our newsletter subscribers) was that many of you stay true to your favorite serums and creams (on average, for up to six months) and that most of you do not think that a product’s effectiveness declines with usage. Read on for a summary of our findings.

Age and skin concerns

Most respondents (40.9%) were in their 50s with combination (40%) or dry skin (35%).

Top 5 skin concerns were as follows:

-Wrinkles and fine lines (90.9%)

-Sagging (72.7%)

-Lip lines (63.6%)

-Enlarged pores (63.6%)

-Uneven skin tone and dark spots (54.5%)

Anti-aging serums

38.1% have used your primary (current favorite) serum for 3-6 months; 28.6% have used them for 1-2 months.


31.6% have used your primary moisturizer for 3-6 months; another 31.6% have used them for 1-2 months; and 21.1% have used them for 6-12 months.

Eye creams

47.6% have used your primary eye cream for 3-6 months; 23.8% have used them for 1-2 months.

Switching products

42.9% of you said you would switch to another anti-aging serum, moisturizer or eye cream only after you’ve used up the contents and did not see results. Otherwise, you would keep using the product.

Finally, 66.7% of you did not think that your primary anti-aging product becomes less effective the longer you used them.

  • April 8, 2013

    by Julie Kay

    What an interesting survey! Thanks for posting this. What I've noticed in my own skin is there has been a huge downward spiral from, say, age 58 and what I am now, age 62. At 58 I was much more persuaded to leave off old product in lieu of a new one. Around 60 I discovered if I took away a protocol that was working for one with unknown results and those results had a negative effect (yes, I'm speaking as An Enlightened Being w EXPERIENCE), I was suddenly and traumatically sliding down a cliff face. Drastic measures almost had no affect. It took scrambling, hard work for 18 months to build up a new regimine- one built on the stilts of the old and some new; many stumbles and fall backs (I'm no rock climber) get back to where I am today. The jury is still out as to if I'm where I'd be if I hadn't changed my protocol in the first place. It's a slippery slope in the late 50s and definitely when one hits 60. ta! ~jk

  • April 8, 2013

    by Marta

    Thank you to everyone who took part in this. Its fun to see that you are not a fickle bunch - unless, of course, better comes along.

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