tammy fender cleansing milk lavender & fo-ti formula no. c-129

Reviewed by Jennie on September 10, 2014


by Jennie

The Tammy Fender Cleansing Milk Lavender & Fo-Ti Formula No. C-129 ($55) — and the Tammy Fender line in general — focuses on natural, organic ingredients that benefit the body and the soul. The packaging includes a list of "physical benefits" and "emotional & spiritual benefits." The ingredients list reads more like something out of an English country garden than a cosmetics counter: Oils of lavender (several types), chamomile and sunflower follow the first ingredient, which is aqueous fo-ti root (purported to have anti-aging benefits). The ingredients are largely organic.

I used this cleanser for four weeks on my combination skin. It is a very gentle cleanser. Initially, the lavender scent was really overwhelmed by a distinct sweet aroma that lent the whole cleanser a smell of Froot Loops cereal, which I didn't care for. Now, that sweet smell has dissipated, and I am enjoying a soapy, lavender quality. I suspect that some sweet-smelling oils may have risen in the jar, and that is what I was smelling during my early uses. I didn't think to open the bottle and give it a good stir with the long tube of the pump.

I have 40-something combination skin, and while I did start to notice a little more elasticity and a touch of glow to my skin as I used the cleanser twice a day, I also noticed that my already oil-prone T-zone was developing oily deposits again, an aggravation I thought I had rectified just weeks before.

While I enjoy this product and appreciate its benefits, especially for aging skin, I have cut back to using it only in the morning and am looking for a deeper cleanser for night time.