I was about to consign TASK Essential Oxywater to Dept of Daft - it is a small flask of water and oxygen for $13 (a product worthy of Borba, although they would have the nerve to charge twice that). But in all good conscience I would first need to take a closer look at TASK Essential For Men. The range is based on the premise that its products can deliver oxygen to the skin and it turns out that this might not be so daft after all.

TASK is a Swiss company (hence all the red and white livery, I suppose) aimed at men and its potions, such as TASK Eye Rescue 02, all have this special oxygen delivery system. I was prepared to be extremely skeptical. The delivery system is called perfluorodecalin and in medicine it is used topically to provide extra oxygen to a wound in order to accelerate healing. Perfluorodecalin seems to be a proven way of delivering oxygen and, in turn, oxygen has been clinically demonstrated to heal skin and grow cell cultures. So it may indeed be beneficial for wrinkles.

There are a couple of caveats. No one has proven that oxygen repairs wrinkled skin or prevents lines from forming. Indeed, too much oxygen may be a bad thing; it is unstable oxygen molecules that do all that free radical damage.

Anyway, I still think paying $13 for a water spritzer is pretty daft.