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Teens Turning Green

May 9, 2011 Reviewed by admin 0 Comments
The history of the company goes back to 2002 when it was revealed that Marin County breast cancer rates had risen 60% in eight years. The project then inspired a project called “Search for the Cause.” Three years later, a group of teens were inspired and they formed “Teens for Safe Cosmetics.” The group rallied against harmful exposure to toxins in cosmetics and even helped the passage of SB484, The California Safe Cosmetics Act in October of 2005. The group eventually changed their name to Teens Turning Green and in their pursuit for better cosmetics, inspired some independent beauty companies to develop some products (aimed at teens) for the Teens Turning Green Brand.

The Good:
This was a movement before they began selling beauty products, and it still is. Teens Turning Green is going to continue to advocate for better products and educate individuals as best they can. On top of that, they’re appeal has managed to bring in a few companies that have offered up reasonably priced “green” products. The price range is goes from $3.99 for a sanitizing spray up to $21.00 for a purifying mask. Perhaps the best news is that some of the brands that they offer like Astara and Alaffia have been reviewed by TIA and we actually like them.

The Bad:
The eight products included are Alaffia Mango Body Butter, Astara Sunstar Purifying Mask, Benedetta Sassy Sacred Soap, Depth Sea Foam Facial Cleanser, Buddha Nose Orange Vanilla Lip Balm, EO® Organic Rosemary and Mint Sanitizing Spray, Pomega5 Cleansing Bar, and Tomboy Lemon Geranium Cleansing Body Bar. There really should be more products included, if this is meant to target a young market, teens like their variety and are pretty picky. Also, you can’t purchase these products online; you’ll have to make your way to a Whole Foods to get them. A bit disappointing, especially since teens are spending more time on online shopping carts and less time in supermarket aisles.

The Truth:
It’s hard to call this a cosmetics company when other brands are doing all of the heavy lifting, but we applaud them. It’s about time that a company targeted teens with reasonably priced products from solid brands. Overall, I think it's a great start and hopefully Teens Turning Green can form some more partnerships so teens will have an added  variety to pamper their skin.

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