For no particular reason (other than, possibly, perversity born out of boredom), I began to fantasize about having my own skin care range. It would, of course, be based on signature ingredients that are powerful and, well, even a bit edgy. Like cannabis. This morning, I was highly amused to find that The Balm has beaten me to it.

The Balm To The Rescue is a lip soother that contains cannabis. I like the fact the The Balm people don't coyly call it hemp. To The Rescue otherwise extols an extremely clean lifestyle without chemicals or irritants. Apart from cannabis oil, there is jojoba and olive, plus shea butter and cocoa. The two waxes are derived from plants.

I was thinking about buying some until I saw that The Balm gives away some of the proceeds from this product to Pug Rescue. See, I told you I can be perverse.