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You Told Us: The Best Skin Advice You've Ever Been Given

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September 1, 2016 Reviewed by Holly Dawsey 0 Comments

Think back to the time you twisted off the cap of your first anti-aging cream. For some that may be as early as your twenties, while others may have gotten a much later start to skin care. One thing we all share is that our practices were learned over time — from our mothers, friends, dermatologists or even a quick search online nowadays. This type of crowdsourced information is the heartbeat of Truth In Aging, so in honor of National Skin Care Awareness Month, we asked TIA community members to share the best skin care advice they have ever been given. Discover the ways they keep their skin happy and healthy below.   

“Hydrate! Most people don't think of drinking water as aiding in skin care, but if your body is dehydrated then your skin is dehydrated, which can make it look dull and feel rough — not to mention make you feel sluggish. Drink lots of water to keep your skin looking full and radiant!” -Melissa D, 39

“The best skincare tip I ever received was to wear sunscreen at all times when outside. You'll probably hear this a lot, but it is sage advice in the fight against aging.” -Linda B, 50s

“I once read that Japanese women practice a peaceful face: At the end of morning preparations, they spend a few moments gazing peacefully into the mirror.  Not only does this small practice feel good, empowering and intensely peaceful, it's also a reminder not to worry my brow, purse my lips or otherwise wrinkle my face. This moment reminds me to project beauty and also to look for and feel beauty around me. I think Mona Lisa had this figured out!” -Jennifer M, 51

“Be happy and be thankful. True beauty lies within, and the attitude we have often reflects back on the outside. Let that attitude be a joyful one!” -Sonoko R, 39

“The best advice I've ever gotten is that you are what you eat. Our skin is our largest organ and what you put into your body shows on your skin. Skincare is enhanced by what we put on our skin, but truly begins with nutrition.” -Michele M, 66

“The best advice I was ever given was make sure to exfoliate. I didn't understand this until I hit my forties and realized how much old skin was sticking around and preventing my products from doing their best. My skin is now smoother and more even toned than it’s ever been — definitely works!” -Sonya S, 45

“The best skin care advice I've ever received is to stay out of the sun and use sunscreen. Now, when I look at the sun worshippers in my age bracket, I’m so grateful to have received and heeded that advice.” -Mark F, 50s

“Inflammation is the worst enemy of good skin — it's a major factor in acne, rosacea, even wrinkles. Once I figured that out, everything else fell into place: products, supplements, diet. I choose everything from cleansers to makeup very carefully to avoid irritation and keep my skin calm.” -Sara R, 52

“Do your research, follow directions, keep your routine simple, use products in the correct sequence — and follow Martha's tips! I feel young and want to look as healthy and vibrant as I feel as I enter Act II! Taking care of my skin is part of achieving that goal for the rest of my life.” -Suzanne F, 50  

“Take good care of yourself — mind and body. Be careFULL!” -Patti C, 57

“The best advice I’ve received or can give is to only buy quality, cruelty-free products.  If you take the time to learn about companies that do not perform tests on animals, which are totally unnecessary these days, you can find products that work really well.” -Jan B, 64

We want to hear what your best skin care advice is, so leave it down below or share on social media using hashtag #IamTruthInAging. 

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