Whether you're on the lookout for the next holy grail anti-aging serum or testing a new face cream, it's easy to be blinded by what we don't like about our skin and the problems that we're trying to correct.  But, for a moment, forget all that.  Instead, ask yourself, "What's the best thing I love about my skin?" 

I'm comfortable being bare-skinned, sans makeup, which has really only been true since I started Truth In Aging. My skin is remarkably smoother, clearer, and firmer than it was before. This comfort in looking at myself "in the buff" has come down to two things. First off, I have a good understanding about my skin, and a thorough knowledge about how skincare ingredients work (and don't). Secondly, knowing my needs and how to have them met is incredibly empowering.

That said, whilst avoiding makeup is one thing, I'm not totally batty: I still steer clear of fluorescent lighting at all costs.

Now, I want to know: What do you love most about your skin?  Share your thoughts about your most cherished feature in the comments section below.