Exercise, the right kind of exercise, can change your body shape whatever your age.  This year, at the age of 51, I became a convert to barre based exercises, such as Barre3, the Bar Method and Core Fusion for their near-miraculous thigh chiseling effects. While I have a marginal preference for The Bar Method, they are all very similar and so I wasn’t too enthused by adding yet another variation on the theme to my shelf of DVDs. However, The Dailey Method is a standout.

Although it does utilize some bar exercises and plenty of isometrics, The Dailey Method is in a class of its own, differentiated by plucking from a broader range of techniques. These include yoga stretches, core and orthopedic exercise. Then the way that they are knitted together into a 50-minute or express 35-minute workout is also different from other exercise programs in the genre. What’s more I found the Dailey Method to definitely be the most challenging.

The express version of the Dailey Method gets straight into things. I mean, the warm up includes the plank and push ups – the kinds of exercises that many other routines would regard as their grand finales before you get to flop into a cool down stretch. From there on in, it’s pretty intense.

The Dailey Method uses tiny isometric movements and a very high number of repetitions – much more than in the Bar Method et al. Each set is followed by a complimentary stretch, and so the formula is really strengthen/stretch. Like all new workout programs, Dailey Method gets a little easier with practice, but even after five sessions I feel that the whole routine is pushing me hard. And I am loving it.

Although each exercise or posture is focused on a particular area, most of them seem to work the rest of the body at the same time. Jill Dailey is big on posture and the correct form. Unlike most DVDs where the trainer actually takes the class by performing all or most of the exercises, Dailey gives a running commentary to three women who demonstrate different levels of difficulty.  As she is constantly correcting them and making slight adjustments to their form, it means that the at-home participant is also benefitting from frequent reminders that prevent sloppiness or development of bad habits.

The Dailey Method will be available to buy from their website on May 9th.