Our story on the Anti-Wrinkle Decollete bra for preventing cleavage crinkles was picked up by the news agency AFP and was run on the Fox News website amongst other places along with another new wonder bra find: The Smart Memory Bra from Slovenia's Lisca, which boasts cups made of memory foam that ebbs and flows with body-heat — a NASA patented technology from the 1960s.

Why? I've been thinking quite hard about this. Perhaps The Memory Bra is for single women or those with indifferent partners and who want something, even if its inanimate, to remember their breasts. At all. Never mind fondly. Why would the cups "ebb and flow" with body heat? I haven't noticed that my breasts change size depending on whether I am hot or cold. But maybe I just hadn't noticed.

I spent a whole day monitoring my unsmart bar to see if it failed to adhere at any time in all temperatures without really discerning a trend. My right strap fell down a few times. Now there's an idea: Smart Straps.

Perhaps a body heat molding bra stops jiggling by getting tighter with more (or less?) heat and working like a sports bra. Nah. There was nothing for it but to go to the Lisca website. Here's what it has to say about the Smart Memory Bra

"Smart Memory Bra has revolutionary high-tech memory foam cups that mould perfectly to the woman's curves, thus fitting her individual, unique body shape. It makes cleavage fabulously seductive! It moves with the woman's body and feels natural, like second skin!"

With that in mind I was excited to see that the bra (only 37.90 Euros) came with Brazilian briefs. Sadly, on inspection, they were found to not to be equipped with Smart Memory.