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The mysterious Infotone Face Mist

Is a Solution for:
Dry Skin, Oily Skin
May 24, 2011 Reviewed by admin 0 Comments
Face misting isn’t something I do but I understand that it has a loyal following. The benefits are there, namely hydration, but a mish mosh of ingredients coupled with a large price tag often has many forgoing face misting. Aqualiv believes they have solved the problem with their Infotone Face Mist.

Let me start by saying that Infotone Face Mist does not really list ingredients as they call it "confidential," all they will say is that the their product contains squalene, phytoncide, and Vitamin C.

Infotone Face Mist is a face mister that comes with a small ceramic ball which the company is quite proud of. Infotone calls it their BioT or Bioinformation Technology. The idea is simple, once you’re done with your bottle, fill it up with spring water and you’re ready to go again and again and again. The ceramic ball has the ability to enhance water with “the qualities of several vitamins and herbs" for up to a years worth of use.

I was just about to write it off as nonsense, but looking at their “scientific experiments” page I noticed a trial where the ceramic ball had the ability to kill and/or inhibit the growth of E. coli bacteria. This is probably thanks to the phytoncide which has antimicrobial properties. Unfortunately, all this proved was that this face mist has the same abilities as hand sanitizer, they failed to support their claim that "researchers observed improved hydration, suppleness, firmness, and texture and reduced dryness, oxidation, wrinkles, skin pigmentation, and blemishes."

Unless the E. Coli bacteria were feeling hydrated, suppleness, and a reduction of blemishes- I can't find any information supporting that statement.

The overall premise is great, a reusable face mister but the statement that it is “a non-toxic and 100% natural mineral clay ceramic ball” is just too vague for me, I would prefer to know what’s in that very ball, especially if I planned on using it several times a day as a mister. Also it would be a bit more helpful if they actually supported their claims of from these "researchers" they spoke of. You can buy Infotone Face Mist online for $34.97.


Spring Water, Little Ceramic Ball filled with Vitamin C, Squalene, and Phytoncide?

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