New Truth Vitality Advanced Complex

Our Rating: 5 stars

Reviewed by Marta on August 3, 2016


The wait is over! Truth Vitality Advanced Complex ($59-$79 in the shop) is back with the addition of a new peptide complex that complements the original copper peptides. After six months of testing and tweaking, I am proud to say that our hero hair restoration product now performs better than ever. The new Advanced Complex helps encourage healthy hair growth on thinning or fine hair. In addition, I listened to the Truth In Aging community and improved the gel’s color and consistency, as well as introduced a new value size.

The key to the reformulation is a unique complex called Capixyl. Some of you may remember when I wrote about this ingredient back while I was still testing my new formula. Capixyl is a blend of red clover extract and acetyl tetrapeptide-3. The mechanism of how these two actives work on hair growth is really interesting.

Red clover extract is an ingredient that you don’t see too often, but it has been on my radar for a while now. The enemy of a full head of hair is dihydrotesterone; it causes hair loss by shortening the anagen cycle (or growing phase), thus producing progressively shorter and finer hair. Red clover extract is rich in isoflavones, specifically one called biochanin A, which are classified as phytoestrogen. Biochanin A inhibits the enzyme that is responsible for the formation of DHT, helping prolong the growth cycle.  

The other key ingredient in Capixyl is acetyl tetrapeptide-3, which stimulates extracellular matrix proteins and reinforces the structures surrounding hair follicles. This provides the hair with a firmer anchor and reduces damage and shedding. Acetyl tetrapeptide-3 boosts type III collagen synthesis, as well as collagen VII, a major constituent of the anchoring fibrils located in the basement membrane (DEJ) around the hair papilla. It has been shown to lengthen the hair shaft and increase follicle length by 35 percent after only eight days of treatment.

Of course, Truth Vitality Advanced Complex still has our proprietary copper peptide complex, which is based on three amino acids and copper, but we have tweaked it a bit so the copper doesn’t give the gel that same dark tint. It’s now beautifully clear! Copper works on the follicle in two ways: It increases follicle cell proliferation and decreases programmed follicle cell death. In a recent study, researchers found that copper increased the follicle size on rat hairs and concluded that it promotes hair growth in a similar way to minoxidil.

Giving copper a helping hand is magnesium aspartate, a critical player in the production of cellular energy, and zinc gluconate, which strengthens the hair follicles to reduce breakage and shedding.

Not only did the new Truth Vitality Advanced Complex help my strands grow faster, but the hair shafts appear thicker and stronger than before. It’s an ideal treatment for both hair loss and thin strands, and the formula does not have the adverse effects of other popular options on the market.