the organic pharmacy body lotion

Our Rating: 5 stars

Reviewed by Marta on October 21, 2013


I find the scent of musky rose transporting. It conjures up exotic, old-fashioned (in a good way), hedonistic guilty pleasures and the color ‘old rose’ (a pinkish violet with a hint of gold). With this as context, you can see why I fell for The Organic Pharmacy Body Lotion ($79) with rose geranium and rose water.

This gorgeous body lotion makes me feel as if I am being extra nice to myself, which invariably puts me in a good mood. It makes my skin feel very soft and is helpful for dry, sensitive areas. It's probably my favorite body lotion of all time and I would enthusiastically recommend it for all ages and most (if not all) skin-types.

The Organic Pharmacy Body Lotion is a lightweight lotion that absorbs almost instaneously, leaving no greasy residue. It is totally wearable on warm, sultry days, but also plenty nourishing for moisture-starved winter skin. The aforementioned musky rose scent is pronounced on application and, though it dissipates, does leave a lingering perfume. Personally, I love it. 

Formulated with 95% organic ingredients, The Organic Pharmacy Body Lotion is dominated by emollient oils and shea butter. It also contains one of my favorite ingredients: phospholipids. The behavior of phospholids is wondrous and strange. They are described as having heads and tails. The 'head' of a phospholipid is hydrophilic (attracted to water), while the hydrophobic 'tails' repel water. In other words, they attract water and hold on to it, key for any effective moisturizer. The lotion also contains bilberry - which is high in antioxidant flavanoids - soothing honey and, of course, rose geranium.

I discovered The Organic Pharmacy during a trip to the UK about a year ago. Their natural, luxurious products have started to become essential staples in my home. I've clearly fallen for the body lotion, but I also adore The Organic Pharmacy Rose Plus Brightening Complex ($189). And I'm especially eager to try The Organic Pharmacy's Rose Shower Gel ($45 in the shop) after reading Emily’s review.