I was very intrigued to learn that Jimmy, whilst staying at the Ritz Carlton in Cancun, had a nanotechnology facial (a new concept using a machine called the Perfector), which uses probes to resonate with the body’s cues, restoring cellular regeneration. Now, whatever does that all mean, I wondered.

The Perfector turns out to be a machine promising a non-surgical facelift and it has been in the UK for time. Behind it is a company called Arasys, headed by Dr Xanya Sofra Weiss, a registered psychologist in Hawaii (although she also claims to have a research doctorate in neuro science from City University in London) and Garth Gunderson.

So what kind of machine is this? Perhaps it uses radio frequencies? No, it uses - silly me - nano current. What exactly is nano current you may ask. A search online suggests that it doesn't exist outside the world of Arasys in the Perfector and Xanya and Garth just seem to have made the term up. A disgruntled former employee has let the cat out the bag, posting on the ripoffreport.com that the Perfector is nothing more or less than a microcurrent machine and an overpriced one at that. Not that there is anything wrong with microcurrent facials (I have them myself every month), but they've been around for years and use good old electricity.

So far from being the first FDA machine to use nanotechnology, the Perfector isn't nano anything.
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