Everyone connected with the Truth In Aging community cares passionately about what goes into our potions and lotions. We want our cosmetics to work and do no evil to us or the planet.  In this notoriously unregulated industry, we consumers have little choice but to become as knowledgeable as we can and take the rest on faith from brands we trust.  This week two senators  - Reps. Jan Schakowsky from Illinois and Edward Markey from Massachusetts -- introduced the Safe Cosmetics Act of 2010. If passed, it will give the FDA the powers to protect us from harmful ingredients in personal care products.

To date, it has been legal for cosmetics companies to use just about any ingredient that they want.  And they can hide behind the “confidential business information” exclusion to keep information back. The new law would include following:

Ingredients linked to cancer and birth defects being phased out of personal care products.

Health-based safety standards for all ingredients in cosmetics that includes protections for children and other vulnerable populations.

Required listing on product labels of all chemical ingredients in personal care products, including fragrances and contaminants.

Worker access to information about hazardous chemicals they may encounter in the manufacturing of personal care products.

Adequate funding and support of the FDA Office of Cosmetics and Colors to pay for this oversight of the cosmetics industry.

What do you think? Weigh in with your opinion - for or against - and we'll pass it on to the Senators.

In the meantime, for background on some of the toxic ingredients to look out for see Shyema’s review of Toxic Beauty by Dr Samuel S Epstein.