the skin revolution alpha detoxifying cleanser

Reviewed by TIA Community Member on October 12, 2014


by Teresa

I tested The Skin Revolution Alpha Detoxifying Cleanser ($40), which is a raw, natural, vegan product that is sulfate free and cruelty free. It is a gently foaming brownish cleanser.  It comes out as a thin gel that you rub between your hands before washing your face.

I was interested in trying this cleanser because it contains spices and brandy, which is something I've never tried before.  I recently celebrated my 62nd birthday, and while my t-zone still produces much more oil than my cheeks, my skin is drying out a bit since the cold and windy season has hit the Midwest.

After one month of nightly use, this cleanser did control oil production in my t-zone and helped to prevent and clear my breakouts. It did not make my face feel tight.  However, while the smell is not unpleasant, it is a very strong smell of spices and brandy.  After cleansing, toning and applying moisturizer, I still smelled the cleanser. Even my face towel and my pillowcase smelled of the cleanser.

Some of the ingredients are: Capsicum, which is a genus of flowering plants from the nightshade family, which increases the food supply to the skin; New York State artisan brandy (from local grapes and apples), which contains high levels of vitamin C to balance oil production, prevent and clear breakouts and tone the skin; Reishi mushroom, which increases oxygenation and cellular energy; Karanja oil, which has purifying properties and promotes wound healing and is commonly used to treat eczema and psoriasis. These are blended with spices (clove, cinnamon, ginger) and marine extracts.

The Skin Revolution seems to be having trouble with their airless pump dispenser. I experienced this problem after three weeks of use. Per their instructions, when the pump fails, pop off the bottom and gently press the platform up while pumping to remove air that is trapped at the top of the bottle.

Even though I liked the product as well as the results I experienced, I would not purchase it again because I can't deal with the strong smell.