the skin revolution retroage moisturizing serum

Reviewed by Kim on September 12, 2014


The Skin Revolution is a really fascinating line of skin care. On the one hand, it has all the makings of a hardcore purist line — all natural, all raw. The ingredients are either ECOCERT-approved, edible or produced naturally in the body. And on the other hand, there is some serious cutting-edge modern science going on here — things like liposomal delivery system to ensure deep penetration, and “effective biological utilization of important cellular compounds.” Okay, while that sounds a little bit like science mumbo jumbo, I can’t deny that they do have some very unique formulations.

I tested The Skin Revolution Retroage Moisturizing Serum ($80). It claims to replenish and nourish but also to “repair DNA, soothe inflammation, rejuvenate, and improve wrinkle depth." The ingredients list reads like a magical witch’s brew, with various wild mushrooms, living phytoplankton, black cohosh, wild organic oregano and all sorts of tinctures. This product boasts 66 actives. The website highlights the gardenia stem cell, the beta glucan (a beneficial yeast found on the outside of grapes) and pycnogenol (a potent antioxidant derived from French Maritime Pine). The ingredients definitely drew me in, but sometimes too much can leave me a bit skeptical. I was excited to see how this serum actually performed.

The consistency is more like a light lotion, as opposed to a serum, and there is very little scent. It goes on nice and smooth, without any greasy film. It was definitely enough hydration for my normal sensitive skin. After nearly three months of use, I saw a definite improvement in my skin. It did, as it claimed, help with the slight inflammation I sometimes get around my chin/mouth area. My skin was much calmer while using the product. My skin felt nourished, hydrated and very balanced — no irritation, no breakouts and no redness. I don’t think I noticed any major anti-aging effects, but at 40, I don’t really have wrinkles to contend with. I do have slight crow’s feet, and I don’t think it had any effect on those. I would definitely keep this as part of my skin care arsenal. And I would be curious to see how my skin responds if I add some of their other eight products to my routine. There’s definitely some intriguing ones in the lineup.