L’Oreal has teamed up with French carmaker Renault to electrify your looks.  ZOE is a new electric car spotted by my husband spotted at the Paris car show that takes climate control to a whole new – perhaps not entirely sane – level.

Renault ZOE will hit the road with a “triple-effect system” to ensure the wellbeing of its occupants developed in association with L’Oreal’s Biotherm brand. This means no more travel worn, dehydrated, assaulted with pollution skin. According to the Renault website, here’s what you get when you climb on board the ZOE:

Skin hydration: conventional air conditioning systems can have a dehydrating effect on skin during longer journeys, but ZOE automatically adjusts the humidity level inside the car to ensure you emerge at your destination looking fresh as can be.

Detox effect: a toxicity sensor monitors air quality and automatically closes the air vents if necessary. Harmful substances are trapped in the cabin filter to ensure that in-car air stays clean at all times.

Stimulating or relaxing scent diffuser: an electric system actively releases different scents depending on the needs of the moment (e.g. a relaxing fragrance during the drive home from work or a scent to stimulate driver vigilance when traveling at night).

This is one of those things that you didn’t know you needed until you found you couldn’t live without it. Personally, I’m waiting for Continental Airlines to team up with Elizabeth Arden to give me an onboard oxygen facial. Well, just oxygen would do.