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The Wonderbar- reviewed and recommended

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Dull Skin, Oily Skin, Face Care for Men
Reviewed by Jimmy January 23, 2011 23 Comments
Do you believe in miracles? I don't. Well, when it comes to skincare. So I was in fact skeptical about thewonderbar, a facial product, which is still sort of a skincare phenomenon. Skeptical= curious. The Wonderbar promises to cleanse, tone, exfoliate and moisturize all in one go. It's basically a full facial detox. So I dropped $40 and got a bar.

First, the name itself, Wonderbar, is already too "infomercial" for me. But I never judge a product by its name. Next, the whole process of using it is a production. You have to leave it on your skin for 3-5 minutes. And you can't use it in the shower as it has to dry. Annoying, right? But, after two weeks of using it, I am completely obsessed.

So here's the deal with The Wonderbar. It's made from a special, 3,000-year-old clay from Austria, a clay that contains the essence of 700 herbs and plants, all of which are ridiculously good for the skin. It also has chlorey-nahre, an organic, micro-algae formulation, that is known to clarify your skin, making it shiny and radiant and supple. It absorbs quickly into your skin and naturally rejuvenates cells. From my research, this concocted formula purges the skins of toxins rather than trapping them beneath your skin. Of course, this is great for acne, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, hyper-pigmentation and large pores.

The Wonderbar is essentially a mini-mask. I have used it for two weeks now, every morning and every night. So far so good. Because it even claimed to work as a toner, moisturizer, etc, I did not use anything during this process. No facial scrub, no toner mists, no serums. I did use a moisturizer in the morning for SPF and a night cream at night because it didn't hydrate as much as I wanted it to on these cold, dry nights.

My face looks incredibly healthy and clean. It looks fantastic, actually. Completely toned and fresh and, well, amazing. The build-up of blackheads, I also noticed, was less than before. This whole Wonderbar experience is truly unusual as I generally don't endorse all-in-one products, nor am I a fan of bar soaps for the face, but this was $40 well spent. If you're interested, I would suggest checking out their web site first as there are some precautions about initial use, avoiding mineral powders, using it with make-up etc.


Disodium Lauryl Sulfosuccinate - Sodium Coco-Sulfate - Triticum Vulgare (Wheat) Starch - 1-Octadecanol - Paraffin - C17789 - Talcum - Heilmoor Clay - Water - Glycerin - Chlorey'nahre (CLO) - Polyglucuronic Acid - Olea Europaea Fruit Oil - Chamonilla Matricaria (Chamomile) Extract
  • February 20, 2011

    by Cat

    It's day 16 and I just re-ordered a full size Wonderbar. I'm not out, I just LOVE it and don't want to be without! Everyone remotely intrigued should try it! It's been amazing. I am sitting here still feeling fresh faced and glowing more than 8 hours after cleansing this morning. I actually left it on for about 2 hours for the first time today but it is not necessary and it doesn't have to dry. I also use it in the shower and will use it all over once I have the larger bar. The only detox symptoms I've experienced have been a little tightness and some flakes at one corner of my mouth, ha. That's it! I also tried it as a shampoo and loved it, then realized I might be rinsing out color that I pay dearly for so I didn't do that again. But, I can continue with my clarisonic dry brushing mornings before cleansing as I no longer feel the need to rinse off oil first thing. That to me is a true victory! I expect this product to top your best cleansers list next time for sure!

  • February 2, 2011

    by Cat

    My first bar is on the way! I've been so excited to try this one after reading about it here first, I almost bought the 4 boxed set! I am 49 and have an oily slimy texture like a reptile when I wake every morning. I don't like a lot of steps and am hoping this will be part if not all of an answer to prayer for me! I recently bought myself a Mia and found some relief but realy prefer to use it as Marta does, by dry brushing, only there is no good time as I'm swirling my natural oils around, lol!

  • February 1, 2011

    by Ann

    Maria - Thanks for your feedback. Sounds great. I have just ordered one. Are you using the Wonderbar both morning and evening, 7 days a week? Thanks for letting us know.

  • January 31, 2011

    by maria r. lewan

    I love my Wonderbar & will tell you all, I have not changed the other products I use on my skin & have not had one problem at all! I lather the Wonderbar & leave it on for 5-10 min (depending on how much time I have in the morning) then follow it with my Beautisol serum (thanks, Marta for recommending this!) & Chanel moisturizer-my skin is so clear, the pores are just about gone! No healing crisis for me! I am 59 yrs old & couldn't be more pleased with this "wonder"bar!
    BTW-my daughter's boyfriend, with a very heavy beard, says it's the only thing that helps him get a close shave with no irritation!

  • January 27, 2011

    by Lena

    After using the product for several months, I went to my dermatologist to ask him what I could do about my age spots (something the Wonderbar doesn't address), and he said that my rosacea and skin texture were so much improved that he was going to call the company and see if it was something he could have available to sell in his office. He was that impressed. Using it every day for so long, you really have to wonder when someone says it destroyed their skin, what the were using with it. The company is very upfront about using plain products. I have a really hard time believing that this product hurt someone's skin, but I can believe that people might use it with a chemically incompatible product and damage their skin that way. My daughter has used it on her children when they get cuts and scrapes and it does nothing but help heal their skin. It's not a "miracle", it's just a great, easy product. Instead of saying USE WITH CAUTION, it might make more sense to say USE AS DIRECTED.

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