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Throwback Thursday: Community Classics And New Favorites

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April 20, 2016 Reviewed by TIA Community Member 0 Comments

Since 2010, Truth In Aging has accumulated a wide library of products. Some of these items have been in our store and on our shelves for years now, making them our classic "throwbacks." Others are newer—appearing in our shop only recently. In honor of Throwback Thursday, we wanted to call attention to all the tried and true products that have been with us for a while, as well as mentioning all of the recent anti-agers that are gaining attention. We asked our TIA community to tell us their favorite #TBT items, along with their must-have new finds.

Sara, Early 50s

#TBT PICKS: "These are 4 products I hope never to be without: Skinfinite Platinum PM Cream 1% Retinol ($79 in the shop) — finally, a retinol that isn't insanely irritating, Medik8 Firewall ($145 in the shop) — best I've found for skin firming and E'Shee Elixir of Life KI  Serum ($189 in the shop) and E'shee Cellular Repair Serum ($179 in the shop) — they fight off inflammation and make my skin glow!"

Gloria, Mid 50s

#TBT PICK: "Medik8 Firewall is truly one of my favorites of all time. One of the best firming serums."

NEW FAVE: "My new find is Dr. Dennis Gross Original Alpha Beta Peel pads ($88 in the shop). My skin is so much brighter."

Dennis, Early 40s

#TBT PICK: "TIA introduced me to stem cell serums, such as ReLuma Skin Illuminating Anti-Aging Serum ($145 in the shop), which hand to god, healed a stye that was under my right eye for years! Really, TIA taught me how to look past hype and marketing and look for actives that actually work. Thanks!"

Jessica, Late 50s

#TBT PICKS: "Truth Vitality Lux Renew  ($279 in the shop) — I use the red LED light the most--2x/day, minimum 10 min, usually 15 min, Sevani Advanced Complexion Corrector ($39 in the shop) — one of my first purchases and still in my regimen. I tried, loved and have kept AQ Eye Serum ($99 in the shop) for night time use with Your Best Face Correct ($150 in the shop). AQ Eye Serum alone has also increased my lash growth. [I also use] Your Best Face Prep ($80 in the shop) 2-3 times a week. Early on, I received a large sample of Pure Glam Performance Daily Conditioner ($26.99) and it's still in my hair regimen."

NEW FAVES: "Love Dr. Dennis Gross' Triple C Peptide Firming Oil — a new day time vitamin C addition — here to stay. I love YBF for night — Restore, Uplift Toner Mist and Private Reserve Slumber Blend, all permanent in regimen after trying. Trophy Skin Microderm MD ($299 in the shop) is a permanent part of my weekly regimen (2-3 times a week). Another recent permanent addition: Dr. Dennis Gross Ferulic + Retinol Fortifying Neck Emulsion ($75 in the shop) — favorite retinol product. For sunscreen protection, after a lengthy search found Amarte Natural Finish BB Cream ($57). Alternatively, I use Dr. Dennis Gross Sheer Mineral Sun Spray ($42 in the shop)."

Tina, Mid 50s

#TBT PICK: "My favorite TIA throwback product is the Medik8 Firewall moisturizer. I also love the AQ Eye Serum, BRAD Biophotonic Essential Elixir Multi-PeptideYouth Regenerating Serum ($95) and E'shee's Elixir of Life KI Therapy Serum."

NEW FAVE: "Rejuvel 3D ($149 in the shop) is my new favorite."

Michele, Mid 60s

#TBT PICKS: "I have discovered many products from TIA; several of which I have incorporated into my skin regimen, [such as] La Vie Celeste Extra Rich Day & Night Restorative Face Cream ($75 in the shop). My skin tends to be thin and dries out easily so hydration, as well as anti-aging properties, are important to me. I feel the same way about AQ Eye Serum and Brad Biophotonic Essential Elixir Multi-Peptide Youth Regenerating Serum, which I rotate into my AM regime."

NEW FAVES: "Some new products that I am liking are Dr. Dennis Gross Triple C Peptide Firming Oil ($62 in the shop) — LOVE LOVE LOVE the way it makes my skin look — and the Dr. Dennis Gross Sheer Mineral Sun Spray, which is a non-greasy, quick absorbing and long-lasting sunscreen. I am also pleased with what I'm seeing with BRAD Biophotonic Sublime Youth Creator Radiance Concentrate ($125), I Pekar Eye Cream ($68 in the shop) and Skin Owl Eye+ ($46 in the shop)."

Nina, Mid 30s

#TBT PICK: "Tried Skinfinite Platinum PM Cream 1% Retinol. It was my first retinol — I have eczema, and retinols tendency to cause drying was very intimidating. But it was as non-irritating as the reviewers promised and my skin looks great!"

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