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Sagging Skin
April 11, 2012 Reviewed by Truth In Aging Community 0 Comments

One thing that isn’t in short supply at Truth In Aging is opinions. We know what we like and what we don’t, and we are always curious to try something new. The other day it struck me that it would be useful - and fun - to see which products emerged as firm favorites for members of the Truth In Aging community. I did a trawl through past reader reviews and comments and, indeed, there were some real standouts. Here are the top 10 recommendations from readers and highlights from what they said. Thank you so much to everyone for sharing and do keep it coming – good or bad, your honest feedback is vital.

Your Best Face Correct ($150 in the TIA shop). This eye cream works on crepey wrinkles (on lids as well as under eye) and dark circles. It has cutting edge ingredients and as Emily put it, there’s probably no single product that is mentioned as often (and as enthusiastically) on the site. Well, it’s certainly my favorite and I just keep going back to it. But enough from me, here’s what some reviewers from the TIA community said:

Jennifer: Once again Marta is right on point. Fantastic product!

Vicky:YBF Correct is “the one” that I haven’t been without for over 2 years. It’s definitely made the transition from 50s to 60s so much more graceful.

Sandra: THE best eye cream for dark circles, hands down.

Susan: YBF’s Correct is the BEST eye cream on the market, hands down. Period.

Julie Kay: Correct saved my eyes.

ReLuma Skin Illuminating Serum ($135). Of course, an anti-aging serum that actually repairs wrinkles is what everyone at Truth In Aging is searching for. The quest will never end, but for now ReLuma’s serum with human conditioned media is one of the best we’ve found. Plus, readers report help with hyperpigmentation and acne scars. You can read more reviews and comments. Here are the highlights:

Denise:  in the six weeks that I’ve been using this product, I am so impressed!  Not only are my wrinkles much improved, but also my skin just looks healthier.  On my forehead, the fine lines have disappeared and the larger wrinkles are much shallower.

Jody: I used ReLuma serum 2x per day for 6 weeks and after the 5th week I noticed the hyperpigmentation in the area of my acne scarring around the corners of my jaw bones were lightening!!! I have tried hydroquinone for these areas in which I had a nasty allergic red bumpy reaction to (used Tri-luma gel). I was shocked and delighted at this unexpected change to my face at age 40. My recommendation, KEEP USING RELUMA on these areas of acne scarring concern!

Spo: To me, it is really amazing and it has done wonders for my skin!

Lesley: ReLuma gets my vote not only for eye wrinkles but also for overall improvement to the texture of my facial skin.

Susan: To get to the heart of the matter, this stuff really truly works. I was amazed as nothing and I mean nothing I have ever used before has ever worked remotely as well.

Sirius Aurora ($149). LED light therapy gets my vote as a beauty breakthrough. It does help plump sagging skin and the versatility of red, green and blue lights have been put to the test by readers. Read the review and comments.

Emily: The surprise was the green light. I can report definite and noticeable effects on the freckles and pigmentation.

JustD: The Sirius gets some serious raves from me.

Oksana: One of my favorite results is the decrease in the size of the pores. The “crows” are smoother as well.

Sue: the Sirius Aurora light is great to treat sagging skin.

Vicki: I am completely blown away by the effectiveness of blue light with my mild acne.

Discover With Marta. Our membership program brings deluxe sample collections six times a year. Members get discounts off the full sizes and all sorts of member perks, such as being entered to win cool new products such as the PaloVia. Frequently, we put together deals that are so good, the savings pay for the annual subscription.

Jackie: I am so looking forward to the next collection! Great job, Marta!

Maggie: I have to say the products you included in the discovery box are excellent – all the products I wanted to try.

Ann: It is so much fun to get these, like a present and it’s not even your birthday!

Stephanie: The Spring collection was the best yet. Congratulations!

Bar Method (DVDs, $20). I went out on a limb when I wrote about The Bar Method exercise programs. I wasn’t sure how fitness would go down with the TIA community. But I was so amazed by how I changed my body shape for the better with Burr Leonard’s Bar Method that I wanted to share. It seems you like it too! Read the review and comments.

Jennifer: I love following the Bar Method on non-gym days, in order to focus more on toning vs. aerobic exercises.

Sunday: I feel better than 3 weeks ago, I sleep deeper and my clothes fit more flatteringly.

Oksana: Thank you for recommending the Bar Method - it produced some noticeable results that I love in my body, head to toes.

Tralena: I love The Bar Method exercise DVDs. They are awesome.

La Vie Celeste Restorative Exfoliating Mask ($60). This 5% glycolic mask is gentle, yet effective. Even people who don’t like facial masks enjoy this light gel. And it leaves the face glowing and dewy. A bestseller with good reason. Read more about it here.

Taylor: I love the glycolic, I’ve used it 1-2x a week for about a year now. It’s just enough and not too harsh. I also find that it dries up and heals my blemishes. Truly an amazing product. I’ve been using the cleanser and toner too and finally my skin feels balanced. I’m never too oily or too dry, my skin just feels nourished.

L: This La Vie Celeste glycolic mask is awesome stuff! An amazing product! So glad for this purchase!!!!

Hannah: I love this mask - the best thing ever. And I can wear it without scaring my kids!

Kelley: My neck felt soft and firm and my face had that California beach girl glow!! This was the pick me up I needed or I should say, my skin needed!

Stephanie: The La vie Celeste glycolic mask worked perfectly for me.

Hydropeptide Hydrostem+6 ($160). This is another high performer. Although the formula is not for those who prefer to go all natural, it does give results. I find myself going back to this when I need a line smoother. Read the reader review.

Emily: This product will get my vote as a “candidate for a future Five Best.”  In fact, I find it amazing.

Spo: Frankly, I just love the way Hydrostem feels on the face - it’s like you have nothing on at all!

Bev: Lines disappear before my eyes.

Royal Nectar Mask ($59). Bee venom is the active ingredient in this mask from New Zealand. I love the hydrated happy look my skin has after using this. Emily says it best.

Cheryl: After a treatment, my skin feels hydrated and pampered - very soft.

Emily: This product is fabulous.

Laura: This is so hydrating. It is a regular go-to for me now.

RMS Beauty (from $19) Founded by celebrity makeup artist, Rose Marie Swift, this natural makeup line has many fans. I love the Un-Cover Up concealer and overall the range, which blends performance with ingredients that do no evil, gets a lot of love from TIA.

Janice: I love all the RMS products I’ve used so far.

Asya: I love the RMS foundation.

Phyllis: I am in love with RMS products, especially the lip ones.

Kim: I use my lip shine on my cheeks too! I sometimes mix it with Lip2Cheek in Rapture and it’s gorgeous!

Sevani Rapid Renewal Resurfacing Creme ($65). I use this myself to fade hyperpigmentation and close open pores, and I always recommend it to 30-somethings with oily T-zones. This is a new brand to TIA and it has already really caught on with the community. The Rose Tonique gets a lot of love (deservedly) too.

Kathy: I look and feel great and have never been as enthusiastic about skincare products as Sevani’s. Try them, you will be happy you did.

Leah: I have 30-something skin and it was feeling rough and dull and this was the PERFECT thing for my skin.

Christine: I have been using this product for a while now and I can’t even think of buying anything else.

Thank you TIA community: Through Monday 4/16/2012 get 20% off these Top 10 picks with the code VOTEDBEST.

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