Reviewed by Erin

I was one of the five individuals chosen to try out the Tracie Martyn’s Amla Purifying cleanser.  I have sensitive skin that breaks out in unattractive red splotches at the mere sight of a new cleanser (or repeated use of an old one), and am therefore always a bit anxious about trying anything new.  Nevertheless, when I realized a few months ago that my cleansers were limited to one that causes redness plus breakouts and one that is mild but doesn’t, well, cleanse; I felt that it was time for better options.

During my search, I came across Amla numerous times and thought it may be the product for me.  Having been burned (almost literally) by products and their promises before, I was unable to get over my skepticism and the $65 price tag – which is a hefty sum for something which I was sure would inevitably be hidden in the product cemetery that is my bathroom cabinet, with all of the other twice-used jars of mysterious and costly potions that I purchased with failed expectations.

So when I learned that TIA was offering readers a trial of Tracie Martyn’s Amla Cleanser, I knew it was an amazing opportunity that I couldn’t pass up.  To give this new cleanser a fair chance, pending anaphylactic shock or hives, I decided that I couldn’t have any spectacular expectations (it’s a cleanser, not a time machine!) and that I had to use it for a week at minimum.

After one week, I noticed that my skin was less dry and, far less red!  I had honestly just assumed that redness was one of my permanent characteristics, right up there with hair and eye color.  To have this redness turn into a vague pinkness was nothing short of amazing for me.  My skin looks healthier than it has in a long time, and I no longer look perpetually embarrassed.  With continued use, my newly refreshed skin was anything but splotchy, and I had, for the first time since childhood, even skin!

I had to find out what amazing ingredients were responsible for this mini-makeover.  The main ingredient (or so suggests the name) is amla, or Indian gooseberry.  Amla is high in antioxidants, an anti-inflammatory, and believed to eliminate toxins and prevent DNA damage in the skin.  Add to that sugar cane and green papaya enzymes for natural cleansing and exfoliation, essential oils and botanical extracts to eliminate bacteria, and curcumine to reduce redness and inflammation; and you have one amazing product that does everything but brush your teeth (oh, and it doesn’t turn back time, yet).

The only downside during the trial was that during my first use, I was so overwhelmed by the strong floral aroma that it nearly ended the trial; luckily I kept at it and the smell became less noticeable upon repeated use.  However, I would like to point out that my sister Makenzie tried Amla over a recent vacation, and barely noticed the scent – so maybe I am just sensitive.

Overall, I think this is one of the best cleansers that I have tried in a long time.  Tracie Martyn’s cleanser is both gentle and effective, contains a notable lack of harmful ingredients, and will definitely become a new skincare staple for me.

Ingredients in Amla Cleanser

Aqua (purified water), amla extract, sorbitol, coconut and soy amino acids, castor and soy hydrolized protein, decyl glucoside and lauryl lactylate, lactic acid, salicylic acid, ascorbic acid (vitamin c), malic acid, allantoin (comfrey), papaya enzymes, pineapple enzymes, silicon dioxide, honeysuckle extract, turmeric extract, spinach extract, blend of spearmint, lime and other natural essential oils.