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Transderma O Optimal Booster Serum Review

is a Solution for:
Dry Skin, Fine Lines, Sagging Skin, Wrinkles
June 12, 2018 Reviewed by Emily 1 Comment
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A terrific add-on to anyone's regime


An astonishingly short ingredients list


Needs careful rationing

Truth in Aging recently gave me the chance to try an exceptional product.  Transderma is a focused and fascinating line of vitamin-rich and very targeted serums produced by a Swedish company called ProBios Laboratories, Inc. 

My choice among the five-serum lineup was the O Optimal Booster Serum ($175 in the shop), described as “cellular revival – energizing” – which happily (and how appropriately!) arrived the week of my 63rd birthday.  At a price of $175 for a one-ounce (30 ml) pump bottle, it is not going to show up on anyone’s bargain skincare lists; but it is a real find, an effective anti-ager, and would be a terrific add on to anyone’s regimen, especially those of us in the post-50 category.

I’ve now used the serum for five weeks. Since it was a TIA trial, I decided to double up, or down, and used it both morning and evening (replacing what I’d been using for day and night serums), along with my usual cleansing, moisturizers, and eye cream products.  So I’ve been through about half of the bottle.  Now that I have some experience with the product, though, I realize that (as usual) I’ve overdone it. This would be great product to use once a day or even alternating with another serum. (The packaging reads “Day,” but the instructions state to use it either once or twice a day; I wonder whether such intense treatments might not be better used overnight. I’d like to know TIA’s take.)

I like everything about it, starting with the simple and attractive packaging (those Swedes). It’s an easily dispensed, clear (orange tinted) serum, perhaps due to the vitamin C, with a just slightly viscous feel on the skin; it spreads smoothly and absorbs quickly (the instructions do say to give it a couple of minutes before applying anything else). As the name implies, Transderma calls its products “deep absorbing.” And most importantly, my face and neck love it, and both appear and feel notably smoother, firmer, plumper, and very nicely moisturized.

What’s special about this serum’s formulation is that it’s designed to improve cellular energy and skin renewal – it’s all about the mitochondria.  I know this is a topic that TIA has examined before, but the idea is that mitochondria power cellular recovery, communication, and generation. Per the company: “Transderma O is a cellular energizing serum featuring an optimized formulation of PQQ, B vitamins, and other select ingredients essential to skin’s cellular vitality. This new optimal booster serum offers focused support for the proper function of mitochondria in skin cells….[and] targets all layers of the skin.”

Astonishingly, the Transderma products have very short ingredients lists – the O serum is basically 100% active ingredients (except the propanediol, a solvent related to glycol) and nothing else. Transderma says that the key is PQQ (pyrroloquinoline quinone) – which is produced by the body and used in cellular energy, and seems to be often marketed as a supplement – in combination with a group of B vitamins. It also contains creatine (also a natural substance often sold as a supplement, for muscular strength and recovery), and kinetin (a plant hormone which impacts tissue regeneration).

I’ll mention that the other products listed on the Transderma site are all interesting, too, and each appears to be targeted at a different solution: there’s a vitamin C serum for rejuvenating and firming, a retinol and vitamin E serum for exfoliating and smoothing, a resveratrol serum for pigmentation and even tone, and an intense moisturizing serum for repair. The company site actually says that it sells serums instead of creams since creams are mostly water – making me re-think my knee-jerk habit of applying a serum coupled with a moisturizer.  In any case I hope that TIA will stock the others and I would certainly try them based on this experience.

I’ll ration my remaining supply of O Optimal Booster Serum more carefully and will use it probably a few times a week to supplement other serums and moisturizers.  But I think this product, given its targeted focus on cell health and recovery, plays a very specific role in the skincare roster and is worth including as a regular part of my regimen.


  • July 23, 2018

    by Daniel Standard

    I have to be honest. I have not heard about PQQ being able to be absorbed through a serum. I know that to date most PQQ supplementation has been through pills, drinks, etc. Even at this price, can you really put a price on slowing aging? We will hear much much more about PQQ as we go forward. I am suprised PQQ hasn't been more popular. Don't get me wrong, on many fronts it is well known, but you see only a few brands in major health chains. With the ability to reproduce mitochondria, I expect in the years to come, we hear a LOT more about.

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