A friend has been nagging me to look into feet and hand treatments. She suffers from something called Farmer's Foot, which I refuse to hear the details on. Suffice it to say that she spends a lot of time in wellington boots. I immediately ordered several packets of Zim's latest product the Foot Spa, thinking it would have a no-nonsense kind of appeal for her. Before shipping them off, I tried one out.

It is the most singularly useless product I have come across for a long time. The Zim's Foot Spa is essentially a plastic sock. Wearing it for 10 minutes or so releases the formula that coats the inside (silicones, pretroleum, various oils and vitamins A and E). I dutifully followed the instructions, leaving each plastic foot sock on for 25 minutes with a cotton sock slipped over them (supposedly for "even greater results"). The result was zip. Nothing. Nada.

Because Zim's Crack Creme is good old faithful of a product, I thought I should give Zim's the benefit of the doubt and try out the Spa Gloves for hands. This time I put a glove on one hand, leaving the other for purposes of comparison. Once more, nothing. There was literally no difference in the way each hand looked or felt.