Body scrubs are winter essentials and I have just found a new one that is worthy of inclusion in my patent-pending winter legs treatment program: Trillium Organics Body Polish ($15.99). After using this, I emerge from the shower with zingy (I chose the Fresh Lime) soft skin. As with the fabulous Malie scrubber, there is no need moisturize afterwards. However, I think that Trillium may do an even better job of exfoliating.

It is having a great effect on my decollete, which as you'll know from the most recent Marta This Month is my latest obsession and it is a boon for dry winter legs.

It is surprising that such a simple list of ingredients; basically salt, oil and a dash of citrus. Trillium has used crystalline salt, which hasn't yet been refined to become sodium chloride and it is an antiseptic as well as exfoliator.

Phospholipids are a kind of fatty acid and although in our bodies they play a complex role in cell membranes, in a potion their job may be quite mundane. Phospholipids are emulsifiers that help oils dissolve into water. Talking of water, they behave oddly when they come into contact with H2o. The 'head' of a phospholipid is hydrophilic (attracted to water), while the hydrophobic 'tails' repel water.

I think this means that, as I am scrubbing away in the shower, the phospholipids are attracting water and holding on to it. Hence, I get hydrated without the salt drying me out.

Anyhow, this simple scrub does exactly what is supposed, without any ingredients you wouldn't like and at a reasonable price.


Crystalline salt, safflower oil, phospholipids, vitamin E oil, lime oil.