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Trinité Organiques Lip Gloss V Review

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Dry Skin
Trinité Organiques Lip Gloss V
March 20, 2015 Reviewed by TIA Community Member 1 Comment
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Adds a sheen to skin, but doesn't do much to alleviate dryness "down there"


Smells pleasant and applies smoothly


Doesn't moisturize dry skin

If you're squeamish seeing the word "vagina" in print, stop reading here, because this gloss is not for your mouth but for your genital lips, hence the "V." The manufacturer states that it is for external use and should not be used on tender internal tissues. Its ingredients make it moisturizing, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory and it "soothes and promotes healing of dry, aging, and irritated external vaginal tissue." Since I am sensitive and dry everywhere (due to aging, living in the desert and various prescription drugs), I wanted to see if this product worked. I was also curious about the moniker "gloss," which denotes something superficial, a surface shine, glaze or sheen. More about this later.

Trinité Organiques Lip Gloss V ($20) is a cross between an oil and a gel and comes in a squeeze top bottle. It has a pleasant herbal fragrance, thanks to essential oils, and slides smoothly between the fingers and elsewhere. I applied a few drops to my fingers and then to my "lips." I also tried it on my mouth lips, as they have been dry and chapped since childhood. I did this daily and nightly. Although the essential oils have potentially healing properties, they might irritate those with sensitive skin. I had no problems.

V Gloss did nothing for my mouth. It felt nice when I applied it, but my lips remained rough with small dry flakes remaining. Nor did it do much for my hand. I rubbed a drop onto the back of my hand and it looked and felt the same. This was true no matter how often or how many times I used it. Same for the vagina. I was interested to see how it would work down there because I neither shave nor wax, just trim the hair, and I hoped the oil wouldn't leave a gummy mess. As directed, I rubbed it into freshly washed skin. There might have been some oily residue on my panties, but it wasn't bad.

The problem is that it didn't seem to do anything for my dryness — not on my hand, my mouth or my V. This made sense to me, because the components are oils and waxes, not moisturizers. Dry skin usually needs moisture rather than oil. Think about soaking a prune in oil. Nothing happens, but soak it in water, and you get a plumped, hydrated object — at least temporarily. Also, coconut oil can be comedogenic, and a clogged pore on vaginal skin sounds painful.

Then I thought about the name "gloss" and decided this was a cosmetic product for those who epilated their genital area and had a smooth, hair-free surface on which to apply it. In that case, the concept of lip gloss makes sense. Some people might enjoy having/seeing a smooth, shiny V. I'm not one of them — you and/or your partner may be, in which case, V Gloss is a safe easy-to-apply product. However, it isn't the product for me. I'm sticking with the balm-like Medicine Mama's Apothecary V magic Vulva Care and Intimate Skin Cream, (available on Amazon for about the same price as V Gloss). It is organic, has multiple uses and includes honey, which makes it moisturizing.

  • March 20, 2015

    by Marta

    Thanks for a great review that didn't gloss over anything

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