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Trinite Organiques Tender Mercy Scalp Elixir Review

trinite organiques tender mercy scalp elixir
December 29, 2014 Reviewed by admin 0 Comments
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A scalp treatment containing numerous organic oils that really soothes the scalp


Nourishes and calms a dry, red scalp



It’s not a unique experience, but in the winter months my scalp can feel quite traumatized by the unforgiving, frigid air. As the temperature drops, the skin on my head becomes dry and red, and while it doesn’t itch, it has a general feeling of irritation and fatigue from the elements. When I came across Trinite Organiques Tender Mercy Scalp Elixir ($26), it sounded like just what I needed — and it also made me think of Uncle Jessie on Full House yelling out "Have mercy!" but that is something else entirely.

Looking at the bottle, the ingredients list is overwhelming but in the best way possible. I counted a total of 13 different organic oils along with a mix of other healing infusions. With organic extra-virgin olive oil, organic jojoba oil, organic sweet almond oil and organic hemp seed oil to name a handful, there is genuinely not one ingredient not to like in this formula. The treatment itself is a startling hue of green and has a bit of a medicinal scent, but I can let appearances slide if a product delivers results.

I’m in my late 20s, and using an oil on my hair was an entirely new concept to me. With that, there was a severe learning curve. During my first use, I honestly don’t know what came over me, but I tried to wing it without even reading the directions (rookie mistake — I know better!). While in the shower, I wet my hair before applying a little bit of this treatment to my scalp, then shampooed and conditioned as normal. Afterward, I blow-dried my hair and was disappointed but not all that surprised to see that it looked quite oily. It was a ponytail for me that day!

A few days later, I regrouped, read the directions (as I should have done from the beginning), and realized this product is intended to be used on a dry scalp — to my surprise twice a day. That sounded like way too much product for my thin, straight hair, but after a little more trial and error, I settled on a method that seems to work for me. At night before bed, I apply a little bit of the elixir to my fingertips and massage it into my scalp before putting my hair up in a bun and going to sleep. In the morning when I shower, I shampoo and condition, taking a little extra time to make sure I sufficiently rinse my hair out. I find that I only need to do this two or three times a week to see and feel a real difference.

My scalp now feels nourished and calm — in fact, I don’t feel aware of it at all, as opposed to the constant feeling of discomfort I’ve grown accustomed to throughout the winter. I think when used properly, this product is a powerful weapon for a healthy, happy scalp year-round.


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