trufora intensive night treatment

Reviewed by Marta on October 19, 2015


Of course, the company name, Truth Aesthetics, has me at hello. Secondly, I liked the mission statement: “Science-based products that deliver visible results without irritating the skin. No myths. No illusions. No empty promises.” But would I love the product? I tested Trufora Intensive Night Treatment ($65) and I am afraid the answer is no.

Trufora Intensive Night Treatment isn’t a bad product and it certainly delivered on not causing any irritation. However, it did nothing to improve my skin in terms of hydration, skin clarity, skin tone or fine lines.

I should admit that Trufora recommends that it be used with its “synergistically” formulated Night Serum 85 ($80) and I did not. While it may have given me better performance if I had, I do think that a product should be able to stand on its own. There are some overlaps in the ingredients in the Treatment and the Serum, notably apple extract, rice bran and oat; otherwise the serum has more oils and some peptides at the end of the ingredient list. For the record, during my month-long test, I used the Treatment on its own or layered over Dr. Dennis Gross Triple C Peptide Firming Oil.

There are some decent ingredients in Intensive Night Treatment. One of the more interesting is ribose, a kind of sugar molecule that forms the basis of DNA. A study has shown that it regenerates ATP (which gives our cells energy) and fibroblast production. Also worth a shout out is gluconolactone, a multitasker that attracts moisture, chelates metals and is a free radical scavenger. More pedestrian, but nonetheless useful, are apple extract, an antioxidant and astringent, rice bran, a source of vitamin E, soybean, oat, and a seaweed.  

Although there’s the potential irritant propanediol, some polymers and the odd synthetic emollient, there’s not much to dislike in this mostly natural formula. All I can say is that Trufora Intensive Night Treatment didn’t do anything against me. It’s just that it didn’t do anything for me either.