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Truth Vitality Advanced Complex Review

is a Solution for:
Dry or Brittle Hair, Limp Hair, Thinning Hair & Shedding
Truth Vitality Advanced Complex
October 27, 2016 Reviewed by Jennifer M. 0 Comments
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This natural solution to hair loss makes strands appear thicker within weeks, but requires continued use for new hair growth


Strengthens, softens and thickens hair; reduces shedding



The last time I went in for a haircut, my stylist remarked on how many broken hairs I had.  Great, I thought, they’re falling out left and right and now the few I have left are all breaking! But I had suspected it was happening. Even though I hadn’t changed anything in my hair care routine or diet, my hair had begun to feel increasingly dry and brittle, and the amount of it I cleaned out of my brush each morning was depressing. I researched the problem online and found the most likely cause to be aging. No big surprise there. Would the solution be as easy as Truth Vitality Advanced Complex ($59-$79 in the shop)?

I’m in my 50s and have never had thick hair. According to the hairstylists I’ve had over the years, my hair is very fine, but fortunately I had enough of it that it didn’t look super thin. I remember comparing strands of my hair to my sister’s (who has a luxurious, beautiful head of hair) and even to the naked eye, it was clear that her hair was at least twice as thick as mine. Not-so-secretly resentful, I was a bit smug when hers began turning gray well over a decade before mine. But then mine started thinning, breaking and eventually turning grey, too. My victory was short lived. Thin hair thinning — is that supposed to be ironic? And now breaking, too? 

I consulted the internet for help. Minoxidil? Not for me. Increased facial hair was not an acceptable side effect — Mother Nature was already making an unwelcome contribution in that department. I opted for a safer, saner alternative. A longtime Aveda user, I tried their Invati system and I liked it at first. It smelled really good and seemed to make my hair feel thicker. But it was expensive, involved a lot of products and not more than a few weeks into using it, my hair became unmanageable when styling. It would not curl or bend to my will in any way.

While some may say I’m a control freak, I didn’t think it unreasonable that I was not willing to cede control of my hair to Invati. Reluctantly, I decreased its usage and when that didn’t help, I discontinued using it altogether. Months after reverting to my old routine, my hair was again manageable, but it continued to grow more brittle and breakable. Luckily, shortly after my stylist commented on this, I got the chance to start using Truth Vitality Advanced Complex with copper peptides. 

Now, after just over a month of use, I have to say that Advanced Complex has given good results without any of the problems I experienced with Aveda. I’ve been applying the serum twice a day. I use it with damp hair in the morning and dry hair before bed, and it applies easily either way. I part my hair five or six times — from forehead to crown and along the back of my head. Each time, I dot a mini pump (more on this later) of the product on the tips of my fingers and rub it into the part.  Then, I rub any extra into my hairline.

The serum blends in easily, so I don’t notice it at all. It doesn’t affect the styling products I use subsequently or the styling of my hair. My hair no longer feels dry or brittle or charged with static. In short, I don’t notice it at all on my hair. What I do notice, though, is the effect it’s had on my hair.

My hair feels thicker, stronger and suppler.  I know this is a subjective claim that you’ll just have to take my word on, but truly, it has more body and oomph.  Objectively, I know that I have not had to clean my hairbrush as often and the shower drain has not been clogging. Plus, my sink is strand-free! That is proof to me that my hair is shedding and breaking less. I’m thrilled! I have not seen any new growth in my hairline or my part line, but if I’m able to keep the hair I have longer and make it feel thicker, I’m more than happy enough to continue using this product.  And I have nothing but hope that the growth will come the longer I use this product.  

As for the product feel and packaging, I am also pleased. The product is clear, odorless and disappears into my scalp. The pump gives me control over the amount of product I use — if fully depressed, it will dispense a small pea size of product.  For the way I apply it, though, that’s too much. So by just minimally depressing the pump to first click, I am able to dot a bit of product along each of my fingertips and this makes spreading the serum out on my scalp much easier.  It also ensures that I’m not pumping out more product than I’ll want or use, so I’m not wasting any of it.  I really like that. I also really like that, unlike the other system I tried, I don’t feel I have to use a full line of products (e.g. shampoo, conditioner, serum and styling stuff). I can add Advanced Complex to the lineup of hair products that I already use and love, and it fits right in.

All told, I enthusiastically recommend this product and have already encouraged my mother to try it. I’m even thinking of offering to share some with my husband —well, maybe after I order the larger size. Until then, I’m enjoying the way my hair looks and feels. I’m actually looking forward to my next haircut, as my hair is so improved that I feel confident my stylist will notice its increased health and thickness, too.

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