Truth Vitality Advanced Complex

Our Rating: 5 stars

Reviewed by TIA Community Member on November 30, 2016


By Benjamin O.

The Truth In Aging website is my go-to source for all things anti-aging. I value the product reviews from Marta and everyone in the TIA community. So I was excited for the chance to review a product made by Marta herself, Truth Vitality Advanced Complex ($59-$79 in the shop). A little about myself: I’m a 28 year old male with thinning hair and a slightly receding hairline along my temples.

The ingredient profile initially caught my attention. I did a little research on Capixyl, one of the actives in this serum, and it appears to be a relatively new ingredient for hair growth. It is said to target the main cause of hair loss and strengthen the structures surrounding hair follicles. Advanced Complex also uses copper peptides, which have been shown to stimulate new hair growth.  I did not see any nasty preservatives, such as parabens, on the ingredient list, so that’s also a plus.

Upon dispensing the product, I was pleasantly surprised that it was a lightweight gel. Being a male, I prefer to use light and simple products. I used the serum twice daily for one month on my temple areas and on the top of my head. Honestly, this serum is a winner! The thinning hair on my temples grew thicker and fuller. I was truly skeptical at first, but it ended up giving me visible results. It’s not a miracle hair growth product and did not grow any new hair during the first 30 days, but it did thicken my thinning hair — which is what I was hoping for. I did not expect it to actually grow new thick hair like in my youth. I will definitely be buying this product ― it gets a solid five stars!

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