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Truth Vitality Advanced Complex Consumer Study Results

Truth Vitality Advanced Complex
Is a Solution for:
Dull Hair, Limp Hair, Thinning Hair & Shedding
January 3, 2017 Reviewed by Marta 0 Comments

A question I am often asked is why I decided to create a hair growth serum and not my own skin care line. There’s a long answer about the world not really needing another eye cream and a short answer, which is that the Truth In Aging community told me they desperately wanted something for women’s hair loss. And so I developed (with the help of the genius formulator behind Your Best Face) the first version of Truth Vitality Advanced Complex in 2012. It has been our store’s bestseller ever since and last August (2016), I launched a new and improved version that has red clover extract and a peptide called acetyl tetrapeptide-3 in addition to the copper peptides of the original formula.

Early testing and anecdotes from users suggested that it worked even better than the first at growing strong, healthy hair. So I decided it was time to go beyond the testimonials and undertake a full-blown trial. I am knocked out by the results. They are phenomenal. After 12 weeks of daily use, 72 percent of participants saw new hair growth. What’s more, back in November we reported that 59 percent of participants saw new hair growth at just six weeks. More details on the results are below, but what I want to emphasize is how gratifying this is.

Hair loss for women can be very distressing and result in a debilitating loss of self-confidence. I am very proud that Truth Vitality Advanced Complex really works to restore both without resorting to chemicals or drugs. As one participant put it, “It has made a noticeable difference in a relatively short time span, and it’s helped boost my self-esteem to have my hair look fuller, shinier and healthier. I've always been told that I have great hair and now after fighting through some health challenges since turning 50, I am getting compliments again!”

By the way, I should also say that it works for men as well. It is simply that the formula was designed to meet women’s needs for a lightweight treatment that would be compatible with chemically colored or treated hair (more on that below). The new Advanced Complex is odorless, absorbs quickly and leaves little to no residue on the roots. Keep scrolling to learn more about the hair-raising results from our consumer study. 


Over the course of 12 weeks, 28 women ranging in ages 20-something to 60-something applied Truth Vitality Advanced Complex daily to target various stages of hair loss. 82 percent of participants used the serum to spot treat specific areas of the scalp while the other 18 percent applied it all over. The majority of participants required two 30ml bottles to complete the three month trial.

96 percent of participants rated the ease of use good or very good.

82 percent said the serum absorbed quickly and easily, and 64 percent claimed it left no residue on roots.

72 percent reported no smell to the serum while 36 percent said it has a subtle or pleasant scent.

After only 12 weeks...

72 percent of participants saw new hair growth.

“I am pleased with the results. I had been using the previous formula and my growth had plateaued. This jump started the re-growth again.”

57 percent of participants reported a reduction in shedding.

“I got the most visible result in my front hairline area, but what surprised me was that my overall shedding has been reduced — by evidence of my shower drain wad — even though I wasn't using it all over my scalp. I think this shows that the product affects a larger area of your scalp than just the areas you apply it.”

50 percent of participants said it stopped further hair loss.

"I used to find hair all over the bathroom, but now there are only a few strands. Same goes for my pillow!"

47 percent participants noticed a reduction in breakage.

“I'm noticing less breakage and shedding. My hair does look shiny and appears to be fuller.”

43 percent of participants reported an improvement in fullness or volume.

“I've had way more body in my hair using this product in my part.”

39 percent of participants saw an improvement in shine.

“My hair seems to be shinier and a bit fuller.”

33 percent of participants noted an improvement in the thickness of the hair shaft.

“My hair is thicker and stronger, but the new hair growth is also very soft!”

36 percent of participants observed an improvement in the texture of their hair.

“Liked how my hair became softer as I have very coarse hair.”

36 percent of participants said it helped with manageability of hair.

“Directly after applying, my hair is slick; however, when I wake up in the morning, the product has dried and my hair seems fuller and more manageable. I can actually leave my house without shampooing my hair first. This is a huge bonus to me.”

82 percent of participants reported no adverse effects from using the serum.

“I used Rogaine in the past and got a severe rash. I did not have any rash or reaction with Advanced Complex so this is good.”

100 percent of participants said using the serum did not affect their hair color.

“It’s super easy to use, doesn't damage colored or highlighted hair and comes in a great bottle that gives just what you need use.”

93% of participants who have used other hair loss treatments say Advanced Complex performed as well as or better than others on the market. Note: 14 participants had not tried other hair loss treatments. 

“I liked the formula and would not change anything about it. I plan to continue using it as it worked better than even the minoxidol liquid I was using.”

Additional thoughts

“I'd recommend this product to anyone experiencing hairline and crown shedding due to hormonal imbalance — post pregnancy or menopause — and those who suffer from thyroid and autoimmune diseases. It has made a noticeable difference!”

“My hair looks and feels like it did when I was younger!”

“What I liked most about the formula is that it actually works! It is insanely easy to use, fast and not at all messy. My hair has stopped shedding, and the new hair growth is soft and silky! I would not change a thing about this product.”


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