truth vitality brow empower

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Reviewed by TIA Community Member on October 11, 2014


by Sandy

After my eyebrows started falling out several years ago, I decided to have eyebrow tattoos done. But the person that did the eyebrow tattoos did a really bad job, choosing tattoo ink that was way too dark for my pale skin tone and also getting the eyebrows uneven in several areas. After that, I started wearing eyebrow makeup to cover up the bad eyebrow tattoos.

Now that I'm 60 years old, I want a softer, more natural looking eyebrow than I have been able to get with eyebrow pencils. I don't use brow powder or even eye shadow because there are absolutely no eyebrow hairs for those products to adhere to. I was thrilled to be selected to test the Truth Vitality Brow Empower ($39 in the shop), thinking that even if it didn't grow my eyebrows back to their natural fullness I might at least grow very fine, light colored hairs that more resembled "fuzz" than eyebrows. Then, I could at least start using eyebrow powder or eye shadow.

The way I incorporated the Brow Empower into my daily routine was to apply it on the left eyebrow in the evening after having washed all makeup off. For the right eyebrow, I applied the Brow Empower in the morning; under my eyebrow pencil. I wanted to give the Brow Empower an equal chance on both eyebrows; one brow not having ingredients from my eyebrow pencil interfere with the ingredients in the Brow Empower.

I was very hopeful about the ingredients in Truth Vitality Brow Empower because in the past, I had used a different product with copper peptides that helped my eyelashes to grow in a little bit. Having seen how copper peptide was able to help my eyelashes in the past, I was hopeful that the Brow Empower would help with some eyebrow growth. Also, I had read several articles on the benefits of emu oil for hair health, so I was hoping that the combination of these two ingredients would help my brows.

But at the end of the four week test period, I have not seen any eyebrow growth at all. I still want to give this product a chance though — maybe it takes longer to work for some people. I'm still grateful for having been given a chance to test this product, and as I stated I will continue to use it in the hopes that it may still help some eyebrow hairs to grow back.