truth vitality true volume conditioner

Our Rating: 5 stars

Reviewed by Preksha on November 14, 2014


My hair needs help. It sheds, it tangles, it gets dry, it gets oily. It's the neediest part of my body, and I am always on a hunt to find products that help control all of my dreaded hair concerns, without sacrificing all of my patience, money and soul. Enter Truth Vitality True Volume Conditioner ($35 in the shop).

The conditioner, like the rest of the Truth Vitality line, is formulated with copper peptides. Copper peptides help increase follicle cell proliferation and also helps reduce follicle cell death (which result in smaller follicles), and is better suited for individuals with sensitive skin, as opposed to something like minoxidil.

Truth Vitality Conditioner is pretty lightweight and also on the thinner side. I'll say the thinner consistency took me a while to get used to. However, I am now using it to my advantage, as it allows me to fully coat my strands from top to bottom without leaving that slippery, artificial feeling that's common with many thicker conditioners. As I want to benefit from the copper peptides, I even rub the conditioner into my scalp. Surprisingly, this doesn't weigh my hair down or create any premature oil slicks. Once my scalp and strands are covered, I comb through with complete ease using a wide-tooth comb — the conditioner untangles my tangled curls wonderfully. This process in itself has helped to prevent my hair from falling out so much.

After a few weeks of use, my hair is now softer, less tangled, more manageable and — I say this last part with great pleasure — no longer clogging up my shower drain as much.