Since the Ulthera treatment was introduced at my dermatologist’s office last year it has remained on my radar. Although I had already read some positive comments about it and was interested, I wanted to wait a bit to see how other patients responded (and wait for a better price). My time came back in the spring when the treatment was discounted 40%, and I was hearing positive feedback. I couldn’t pass it up, so here’s my Ulthera experience.

The face is divided into two separate treatment areas. The forehead down to where the cheek begins is one and from the top of the cheek down to roughly midway of the neck is the other and you can opt to have either or both treated, depending on your particular concerns. I had from the cheeks down treated which cost $1,500 (discounted 40% from the regular cost of $2,500 performed in the Nashville, Tennessee, area). When scheduling my treatment, I was told the process would take about two hours and if I wanted I could be given Ativan (a relaxer, anti-anxiety medication) when I arrived on the day of treatment, but would need to have someone drive me home.

First, a numbing cream was applied from my cheeks down past the middle of my neck and left on for about an hour. Afterward, the cream was removed and the first of two passes was made over the treatment area. The first pass was deeper than the second and consequently so was the intensity of the feeling. I wasn’t able to take advantage of the medication as I didn’t have a driver, but I would highly encourage anyone having this procedure to plan on it. Although I have a pretty high tolerance for pain, this was tolerable but certainly pushed the limits for me. The numbing cream only does so much since the purpose of the ultrasound energy is to reach deep below the skin’s surface. However, any discomfort immediately stops when the treatment pauses or is finished, so there isn’t any lingering pain. When the treatment is over, that’s all there is to it – no aftercare is needed. There was no visible redness, bruising or swelling. The only side effect I had was a very slight tenderness along the jaw line that disappeared after about a day and a half.

This treatment is not for the impatient as results will take two to three months to unfold. The rebuilding of collagen is the goal and the effects are not visible from day to day, but as the months have passed I have seen results. The second month is when I could actually notice results with the treated area not only feeling more plumped and firmer but also looking smoother and firmer especially at the jaw line and under the chin. The improvement was greater on the face than the neck, but it also was enhanced by looking a bit tighter and smoother, so I could see some improvement over all of the treated area.

For me this has been an absolutely positive experience. Although this is not going to give dramatic results like an invasive procedure would, for only two hours of your time and no downtime whatsoever, the results are well worth the price I paid and I would recommend this treatment.