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Ultra Renew- reader reviewed and recommended

Our Rating: 5 stars


Combines LED and ultrasonic technology


Heavier than the Sirius Aurora
September 2, 2012 Reviewed by TIA Community Member 16 Comments
A quality at-home device with two treatment options

Reviewed by Suely

I have been a fan of the LED light treatment to firm skin since Marta first posted about it. Soon after Marta posted her info and review on the LED light treatments, I got the Sirius Aurora ($149) and started using it. When you try LED treatments and see results (glowing and supple skin) right after using it, it kinda gets you hooked on the LED light idea.

I have skin that is prone to sagging, and I am always searching for products or treatments that are affordable and efficient, so when I read Marta’s great idea of bringing LED and ultrasound together, I was thrilled and dying to try it. Luckily, I was given the opportunity to try the new Ultra Renew ($89). Since I had  used  Sirius Aurora for a while, I could compare them.

My big first surprise was right when I opened the package – My Ultra Renew came in a box lined in a pink silk fabric casing the LED/ultrasound device and included very good quality tanning goggles (flexible and comfortable). You definitely need those goggles to protect your eyes from the LED light. So the package was a very nice touch already. Well, not that it should surprise me since Marta seems to be a person who gives attention to details and quality.

The Sirius Aurora didn’t bring goggles with it, and the device feels very light (maybe due to not having the ultrasound in it). The Ultra Renew device has a “quality weight,” that is comfortable and light enough for manipulation/use. You can clearly see and feel what I mean if you have a chance to hold and use both the Sirius and Ultra Renew devices.

I was so pleased that couldn’t wait to start using it. There are three different light treatments (red, blue and green), like the Sirius. There is a power switch, which I always use in the “high” mode, but you have the choice to start in lower power if you have sensitive skin. The device includes a manual and it is very simple to use.

With the Ultra Renew device, you use the LED light(s) appropriate for the treatment you need, and you can follow this with the ultrasound treatment with a simple touch of the buttons.

I am happy with Ultra Renew for giving me chance to kill two birds with one stone. I am also happy to report that it is working on my “orange peel belly” spot. This problem is probably due to lack of collagen… and therefore why the LED light combined with the ultrasound treatment is giving me results.

In the end, what it comes down to is that the Ultra Renew device feels like a more quality device and offers two treatments in one at a price point that is waaayyy less than the others I know. I am totally sold. Thanks, Marta!

Editor's Note: The Truth Renew & Truth Renew PLUS prototype devices are no longer available for sale in the Truth In Aging shop.

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  • July 9, 2013

    by Marta

    Hi Linda, I have not found any studies - biased or independent on the long term effects of LED or ultrasonic. Ultrasonic (in this context) is very new and so that isn't too surprising. LED light therapy has been used (especially in Europe) for decades, but still I have no studies. Even the therapeutic use of light for depression or other disorders where there are studies often come with the proviso that there has been no long term research. I agree it is frustrating.

    By "products with chemicals", do you mean the UR Gel Serum? If so, I'd be happy to go through the ingredients with you. This product contains 5% YBF Control, which has tons of long and intimidating sounding ingredients such as tetradecyl aminobutyroylvalylaminobutyric urea trifluoroacetate. This is actually a peptide (marketed under the name of Syn-Hycan. Specifically, it is aimed at lifting sagging skin. It stimulates hyaluronan (HA) synthesis and expression of the proteoglycans, decorin and lumican.

    All these ingredients have been included because of their anti-aging properties, not because they allow the device to "glide". That is down to glycerin and meadowfoam seed oil.

    If you have any concerns about a specific ingredient, please don't hesitate to give me a shout and I'll be happy to look into it with you.

  • July 8, 2013

    by Linda

    I would like to repeat Jill's concern on April 21, 2013, about the long-term safety of the ultra sound and LED treatments. Are there nonbiased studies to reassure us of safety? Her entry was not addressed, and I am interested in knowing before purchasing equipment. Also, my faith is lost in responses that sanction the use of products with chemicals just because they provide more "glide" . Isn't the use of nontoxic, clean beauty products the first step in effective skin care as well as a healthy diet, exercise, sleep, etc.?

  • April 21, 2013

    by Jill

    Hi. I am interested in the Ultra Renew and would like to know if it is FDA approved. I am new to these products so safety is my biggest concern. Thank you so much.

  • February 15, 2013

    by Marta

    Hello Anonymous - the gel serum is not packaged with the device, but can be bought separately here:

  • February 14, 2013

    by anonymous

    I got my Ultra Renew as a gift for Christmas, was not ordered on your website, but there was no gel or serum inside. I haven't used mine for that reason. Not sure what to use instead. Any suggestions? Thanks.

  • February 14, 2013

    by Marta

    Marione, I'm sorry to hear about this, but happy to hear you were getting good results. Customer service will take of you right away to replace your device.

  • February 14, 2013

    by Marione

    I've been using this Ultra Renew religiously every night since I received it until the top cap separated from the head base (around 3 mos). I tried to tape it but it doesn't heat that much anymore. I bought it less than a year ago and it says in the box that it has a 1 yr warranty. Can I get a replacement for it? I really like it coz it's making my cheeks less saggy even if it's only temporary.

  • December 8, 2012

    by Jemsea

    Dear Marta
    Received my Ultra Renew (together with Ultra Renew Gel) and have to say how impressed I was with the packaging. Used for the first time yesterday evening. Very simple to operate and feels comfortable on the skin, apart from the Renew Gel which I found to be sticky and which dried out very quickly, but after dabbing my face with water-soaked cotton wool the slip was much better. I will let you know in a month's time if this little device is helping my mature skin.
    However, I was somewhat baulked by the amount of import duty and Post Office handling charges I had to pay, i.e. £24.60 = $38 which does rather push up the price if you are in U.K. Pity you don't market it in the U.K. Recently I wrote to Sirius to ask if the Aurora was available in U.K. and they replied saying it would be available here in the New Year.
    Do like your site Marta - can't find a U.K. one which is as good - pity.


  • December 1, 2012

    by Joan DiGiulio

    I like this device. I think my skin looks tighter and then tone has improved. People regularly tell me how nice my skin looks and I am 56 yrs old. Well worth the price if you use it religiously. However, I didn't like the Ultra Renew serum that TIA says is a good companion. It was too thick and tended to gunk up while using the tool. I use a drug store vitamin C serum w/ a warm water spray bottle for extra moisture and have a great results.

  • September 21, 2012

    by NJ

    I have an "honest" review here. I don't know Marta and was skeptical that this product would work. I have posted another similar review here on the site, but will let you know here that this product really works for me.

    I'm 48, with the start of sagging skin due to menopause and some old cystic acne scarring. I used the product on both red LED and also on the ultrasound. Over the last 6 weeks, I"ve probably used it 15 times.
    --The sagging skin on my cheeks is tighter and more "up" both below my cheekbones and on my cheeks.
    --The skin that used to sag outside of my lips no longer sags.
    --The bigger, deeper wrinkles around my eyes are not as deep and that skin is definitely firmer and much tighter looking. Still working on smaller wrinkles near eyes.
    --Even neck skin that wasn't too saggy is tighter along my jaw line, much smoother.
    --Most noticeable is the skin above my eyes, under my brow--it's much tighter and with hardly any more crepe-y-ness. I notice that when I use the ultrasound on my eyebrow area, I get a bunch of brand new eyebrow hairs growing in about 2-3 days later. This is new, so there must be stimulation happening there. I take the hair growth as proof of stimulation of cells.

    I love the product, and will continue to use it to improve my skin and maintain tightness.

    I use it with the Ultra Renew Gel--it's great and you can "re-wet" the gel with a quick spray of water if it gets a little dry before you're done. That way, a little gel goes a long way.

    Thanks Marta!!

  • September 6, 2012

    by Marta

    Hi Theresa, I am very sorry to hear this. Please contact us at and we'd be happy to discuss the best way to use the device (including wearing goggles for eye protection) and investigate if you have a faulty device that should be returned.

  • September 6, 2012

    by Marta

    Hi Nadia, do share your research. Which frequency is this that you are referring to?

  • September 6, 2012

    by theresa

    hi i bought this item some and found it to be useless it caused ringing in my ears and my eyes went fuzzy i found it to be a complete waist of money. has done absolutely nothing for my skin. theresa turner

  • September 6, 2012

    by nadiahoney

    Sorry to tell you guys but it's just the LED light working. New evidence has come out that proves that ultrasound ONLY works if it is at a certain frequency,,,,,,which this one is emphatically NOT.

  • September 5, 2012

    by Kathy

    I also purchased the Sirius Aurora upon reading Martha's review and was very pleased with the three color lights . After 5 days of use Imet a girlfriend for coffee and was astounded when she asked what caused the incredible appearanceof my skin. Imagine my excitement when the Ultra Renewcamee out! The new unitlifted my one drooping brow to match my other eye. It tightens my slight bulldog jowelsas well. You must keep the treatments up or the muscles relax again. Once you see the results, you will have no problem looking forward to your treatments. I often keep spray bottle of herbal water handy to keep my face slick so I can do both the light and ultra sound at the same time. I do my treatments about 5 times a week alternating the red and green lights. I pull out the blue if any blemishes pop up anywhere on my body. Pimple gone in 2 treatments and 48 hours. Love this thing.

  • September 4, 2012

    by anonymous

    I thought this article was a review on how the Ultra Renew worked for the person who reviewed it, not a piece selling the Ultra Renew. Would have been a much better read if the reviewer had described her experience using the product.

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