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Marta knows I’m a big fan of emu oil for my hair, so she sent me a bottle of Uniquely Emu’s Conditioner ($13.95) right after she wrote her review of both the shampoo and conditioner back in June.

The first time I used it I applied it to my scalp and worked it down to the ends like I’d normally do with any rinse out conditioner. The result after blow drying was oily weighed down roots with really soft, smooth and silky ends. I’d remembered reading on more than one occasion that conditioners shouldn’t be applied to the scalp but only to the ends in order to have volume at the roots. This had never been a habit that I practiced since all the conditioners I use are so beneficial for the scalp and growth. Uniquely Emu made it obvious to me thought that my normal conditioners hadn’t been giving the ends the moisture and hydration that they’d been needing.

You can imagine my guilt! All these years I’d been serving my roots while starving my ends. Well, this won’t be happening any more! I now use 2 conditioners when I shampoo. A conditioner for the scalp and Uniquely Emu’s Rejuvenating Conditioner on the ends. With this, I really feel that all my hair from top to bottom is getting what it needs.

The moisturizers in this conditioner come from emu oil, vitamin e, carrot oil and spearmint oil. I love the smell of spearmint which is a stimulating oil like peppermint, but because spearmint contains less menthol it’s gentler for the scalp and skin. For what it’s worth, the bottle says it gives you carotene, panethol & sunscreen protection too. Panthenol is a product of pantothenic acid (Vitamin B5) and alcohol. When panthenol is metabolized by living cells, it releases Vitamin B5. Since hair is not made of living cells it doesn’t metabolize and remains a provitamin which hasn’t been proven to do much of anything for hair. As I’m not putting this conditioner on my scalp, the vitamin a from the carotene probably isn’t doing much either. Being a rinse out product, I can’t imagine that there’s much titanium dioxide left after the rinsing to offer a lot of uv protection.

Even so, long haired gals should note that Uniquely Emu’s Rejuvenating conditioner leaves the ends of my hair in such a nice state that I can’t imagine shampooing without it now. Marta said in her June article that Country Devine makes a conditioner with almost the same ingredients for a few dollars less. After looking at the ingredients I did notice right away that it lacks the spearmint oil. I have ordered it and will let you know how it compares, and the spearmint oil; I’ll be adding that in myself!


Purified Water, Natural Glycerin, Steral Konium Chloride, Emu Oil, di-Tocopherol Acetate (Vit. E), Glyceryl Sterate, Natural Oil of Spearmint, Panthenol, Natural Titanium Dioxide, Carrot Oil, Carrot Extract, Carotene, Methylparaben, Propolyparaben.