I don’t mean to keep beating a dead horse here, but I’m going to bring up Ageless Fantasy again.

As I wrote about earlier, Ageless Fantasy claims to do many things: camouflage aging pheromones; increase a male’s penile blood flow; sexually empower women—all thanks to an ingenious combination of just the right scents.

For those of you still convinced that it’s more poppycock than actual (love) potion, I must say that I took it out for a whirl again over the long inaugural weekend in D.C. and the results were just fantastic. And not just for me. I sprayed down three of my friends as well and each one—literally EACH ONE—was lucky in love that weekend

Me? I need two hands to count the menagerie of suitors collected.

Talk about enticing new lovers and bringing back old ones. Maybe it was the moment. Maybe it was the spectacular backdrop of a gorgeous marble city celebrating what quite possibly was the most defining national experience of our generation. Maybe it was the bitter cold that caused citizens left and right to couple off. I don’t know… but it was something.

I could, of course, be underestimating by potential prowness powers, but (truth be told) I haven’t had this much attention paid to me in a long time… so maybe it’s just been a "misunderestimation" on my part... with Ageless Fantasy perhaps being the needed change that has finally come?!?

Can I tell you how it all went down?

Well, maybe I wont. I wrote out a nice blow by blow of my weekend, but have since rethought the wisdom of doing such, especially so upon the realization that I have these posts published to my Facebook page, where many of these men are my friends.

So, let me just sum it up in a way that won't cause me to lose friends and alienate people.

After a five-day vacation, the final tally for me was 9 male suitors, plus a very friendly dog that couldn't stop humping my leg. My friends? There were three of them, and each one managed at least a little *kiss kiss* with a nice fella', and with two now planning future NYC/DC rendezvous with their new love interests.

Now, if you were to ask me or my friends, "Does Ageless Fantasy work?" I would say that we all would agree that the circumstantial evidence says "yes."