I keep being asked what my current regimen is. The truth is that it is somewhat chaotic because of all the products that I try out for Truth In Aging. However, I think that the question behind the question is probably: "what products do you remain faithful to and to which are you forming new loyalties?"

So in glossy magazine speak, here is the facial anti-aging regime that I "can't live without".

It will take more than a depression for me to give up my monthly facial treatments with Ildi Pekar. She does a bit of microdermabrasion, an intense microcurrent session where she works on all the facial muscles (this is probably the only reason why I'm not morphing into a bulldog in my old age), about 20 minutes of LED (light emitting diodes) that do a great job of clarifying (adult acne and age spots no more) and strengthening the skin, and the whole thing is topped off with a refreshing (although possibly pointless) blast of oxygen.

I top up these monthly salon sessions with a weekly at-home LED treatment with the Baby Quasar ($449). This little device is great for keeping things looking firm and smooth. Plus if I ever get a breakout or some kind of adverse reaction (an occupational hazard in this job), it is brilliant at calming down my skin.

I remain devoted to my Tracie Martyn Amla ($65). I believe that a good cleanser is the foundation to a good skin. I do sometimes alternate with Stem Organics Gentle Cleansing Milk, which at $36 is very good value.

I exfoliate (with something gentle) about once a week and, although like Claire I am enjoying Suki's Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser this is really a stage in my routine that I continue to experiment with.

I can't rival Jimmy for being obsessed with masks, but I feel that the cosmetic gods smiled on me when I found Astara Blue Flame Purification Mask ($42). It clears up all manner of zits and cleans out the pores.

Oh yes, I almost forgot. Cleansing is always preceded by a quick buff up with the Clarisonic Brush ($150). Worth every cent in my view, it helps get rid of dead skin, is supremely gentle, and allows all the gunk that I'm about to put on work more effectively.


My husband thinks I have a diffent potion or lotion for each square inch of my face. I must confess that I don't believe in silver bullets, or one-size fits all, nor in multi-taskers. So..... I am faithful to Image Skincare's Ageless ($41). It is mostly a glycolic, so it sloughs off dead cells and leaves the skin looking refreshed and healthy. I see it as a necessary complexion enhancer, but not as a heavy gun to be trained on wrinkles.

The heavy guns are Your Best Face Control ($160 in the shop) for overall face and neck. I think it works well after the Image Skincare to keep the skin in good nick. Deeper lines and that little sag-ette around the mouth that makes me look miserable unless I freeze into a Julie Roberts grin, are dealt with by Reluma ($145 in the shop). Fine lines, such as those above the lip are better treated by Your Best Face Correct (see below) followed by a layer of Faitox ($89). However, I am currently trying out Circadia's Myo Cyte ($150) on fine lines with excellent results.

If I didn't feel my budget could run to YBF Control or Circadia, I would highly recommend Nutra-Lift Rejuvenating Therapy.

At night, I micro-target age spots and the odd wrinkle with a dab of Skin Biology's Super Cop 2X.


Serums do not moisturize - even if they boast sodium hyaluronate. I use - I should stress, on the days I need it - Ormedic Bio-Balancing Peptide Cream ($40). This is a light and refreshing moisturizer and it is one of those products that I feel committed to. However, my new discovery, the Terralina Facial Moisturizer ($42), is better for those days when I need something a bit heavier.

Eyes and eyelashes

I haven't yet found an eye cream to beat Your Best Face Correct ($150 in the shop). It really has erased some lines, propped up my eyelids and generally makes me look as if I lead a healthier life than I do. Friends remark on how good my skin is looking and tend to wave their fingers in the general direction of my eyes.

For stubby eyelashes and moth eaten brows, I recommend Dermalash (works for me and is safe) or Folligen. The Folligen ($17.99) is really for hair regrowth (works there too), so its a bit messier to use.


Nothing makes me break out more than a sunscreen, so I like my potions to be sunscreen free. After all of the above, I put on some Fallene Solar Protection. Which I don't love (its a bit chalky), but it never ever wishes me harm.